“Mina in her 50s, smells like a grandmother”… Philip Ryu responds calmly to ridicule and malicious comments directed at his wife. [Ex’s issue]


(Xports News Reporter Myung Hee-sook) Singer Philip Ryu was angry when he read malicious comments directed at his wife Mina, but calmly issued a warning.

On the 21st, Mina and Philip Ryu’s YouTube channel ‘Filmi Couple’ posted a video titled ‘Why do older people have to be criticized?’

On this day, Philip Ryu warned, “Because it contains somewhat sensitive content and shocking comments, if you are weak-minded, please do not watch it.”

The malicious comments that followed were shocking. From ridicule about Mina’s age to negative comments about her appearance, the comments continued. Phillip Ryu said, “The person who left the comment was probably a man, someone I once loved, but I feel so sorry for the woman who uses the expression ‘trauma.’ Don’t date a man like this. “You need to meet good men,” he advised.


Additionally, Philip Ryu read a malicious comment calling Mina a “grandmother” and said, “It seems like you haven’t actually met Mina.” “If you look at her in person, she’s not mushy and she’s not trying to look young,” he said.

Phillip Ryu then said, “Please come see Mina during her fan meeting.” Come and see it next time. Also, there are many comments asking if she doesn’t smell like her grandmother, but in Mina’s case, if her body is healthy, she doesn’t smell. Mina expressed her affection for her wife Mina by saying, “I smell her flowers.”

Next, regarding the criticism that Mina is a disobedient person, she said, “Mina is a person who consistently lives her life diligently and takes care of herself. “I hope there is no misunderstanding,” she calmly explained.

Philip Ryu married Mina, who is 17 years older than him, and has established himself as a representative older-younger couple in the entertainment industry. However, he showed that he was suffering from a lot of negative comments along with a lot of attention. Nevertheless, he said, “I hope there are no comments with negative and bad thoughts.” He attracted attention by responding calmly, saying, “It’s a loss to them.”

Photo = Mina-Ryu Philip, YouTube channel ‘Filmi Couple’

Reporter Myung Hee-sook aud666@xportsnews.com

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