Baby Monster, ‘BATTER UP’ MV exceeds 200 million views…shortest period for a K-pop debut song


[OSEN=Reporter Ji Min-kyung] YG’s new girl group Baby Monster debuts with the song ‘BATTER UP’ Another new K-pop record was achieved with the music video.

According to YG Entertainment on the 20th, Baby Monster’s ‘BATTER UP’ The music video exceeded 200 million views on YouTube at 11:23 p.m. the previous day. It has been about 53 days since it was released at 00:00 on the 27th of last month, and it is the fastest among all K-pop group debut song music videos to achieve the same number of views.

This music video broke the record for the most views in 24 hours for a K-pop debut song with 22.59 million views just one day after its release, and then continued to set records for the shortest period of time for a K-pop group debut song to reach 50 million views (on the 4th) and 100 million views (on the 18th). It has been renewed. It then ranked first on the global YouTube daily music video chart for five consecutive days, taking the throne on the weekly chart.

This is a point where you can clearly feel the presence of those who have risen to become the next generation of YouTube queens. In fact, the current number of subscribers to Baby Monster’s official channel is 4.19 million and the cumulative number of views is more than 900 million.

The music source is also consistently popular. As soon as it was released, ‘BATTER UP’ swept the iTunes Song Charts in 21 countries and reached the top of the worldwide charts. In addition, within 8 days of its release, it landed on the U.S. Billboard Global 200 (101st) and Billboard Global (49th) charts, and on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, it surpassed 10 million streams at the fastest rate among K-pop girl group debut songs. Due to the upward trend, the number is currently approaching 47 million.

Meanwhile, Baby Monster will release its second new song ‘Stuck In The Middle’ on February 1st. YG said, “It is a new genre of song that focuses solely on outstanding singing ability and unique tone.” It is expected that you will be able to see the opposite charm of the debut song ‘BATTER UP’ with the original hip-hop mood. They are also planning to release their first mini album in April. /,

[Photo] YG Entertainment

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