Bora “During SISTAR’s heyday, we had 4 events every day, and we built a new agency building” (Jae Friend)

(Capture from uhmg studio)
(Capture from uhmg studio)

[News Reporter Seo Seung-ah]

Group SISTAR unit SISTAR 19 members Bora and Hyorin recalled their prime days.

On the 18th, the 23rd episode of ‘Refriend’ titled ‘First meeting cute party and tear party’ was posted on the channel ‘Uhamug uhmg studio’. SISTAR 19’s Bora and Hyorin appeared as guests in the video.

On this day, singer Kim Jaejoong said, “When I listened to your (Sistar) songs a long time ago, the songs I liked the most were ‘Ma boy’ and ‘I swear.’ I really liked it because there were so many famous songs. “In an average year, how many events do you hold?” he asked.

Hyorin answered, “We held events almost all year long.” Bora explained, “After we finished our activities, we continued to prepare for events and albums.”

Hyorin and Bora said, “We hold four events in one day, then travel to distant regions and hold events on the way to Seoul. “University events are usually held in the evening, so we held all four events in the Seoul area in one day.”

When Hyorin criticized her by saying, “I think we tend to hold a little too many events,” Kim Jaejoong said, “You guys created Starship.” “Honestly, this is a question I ask everyone who appears, ‘Do you honestly think you’ve made it to Starship?’” he asked.

Bora said, “Rather than thinking, ‘We built this much?’, it seems like we built a new building. Before the current (agency) building, there was only one floor in the villa. “The number of floors was increased one by one, and it gradually turned into a larger building,” he said.

After hearing this, Kim Jaejoong exclaimed, “You just built a building.” Bora smiled and said, “I hope it’s thanks to us.” (Photo = Capture from ‘Uhamug uhmg studio’)

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