‘Branding Personality Passive’ Ji-eun Kim


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] The new MZ romance thriller drama ‘Branding Inseongsu-dong’ produced by LG U+’s ‘STUDIO The main poster featuring Yang Hye-ji and Kim Ho-young, who will be starring in a thriller, was presented.

The main poster of ‘Branding Inseongsudong (Planning: STUDIO X+U, Production: STUDIO stole attention by predicting a ‘romance thriller’ that will unfold in Seongsu-dong by Kim Ji-eun, Lomon, Yang Hye-ji, and Kim Ho-young, who are at the forefront of marketing.

In the main poster, Ji-eun Kim These four people capture attention by giving off very different atmospheres with four different colors. Kim Ji-eun transforms into Kang Na-eon, the youngest team leader who boasts an industry legend, and exudes strong charisma with her confident suit and relaxed smile. On the other hand, Romon, who plays the ‘doggy’ intern So Eun-ho, is wearing comfortable clothes with sneakers and a harmless smile, as if she is ready to run anywhere. The ‘soul change’ of two people with the same smile but different force stimulates curiosity about what will happen.


Here, Yang Hye-ji, who plays the role of ‘Do Yu-mi’, who is cute and lively but full of greed for success, was captured. Doyumi, wearing her pink jacket and miniskirt, is smiling slightly, but her expression also seems somewhat uncomfortable. Attention is being paid to how Do Yu-mi, who is Kang Na-eon’s classmate and has a crush on ‘Cha Jeong-woo’, will perform in her play. Lastly, there is Kim Ho-young, who plays ‘Cha Jeong-woo’, another of Kang Na-eon’s comrades at the company and a man so perfect that he is called ‘alpha male’. As Cha Jung-woo has a crush on Kang Na-eon, in the main poster, he is wearing black clothes like a ‘black knight’ and staying by Kang Na-eon’s side with a warm smile.

Above all, the copy of ‘Relationship reversal romance that began after a soul change’ grabs attention by implying an unimaginable ‘highest level’ between them. Interest is growing as to what kind of impact Kim Ji-eun and Romon’s soul change will have on Yang Hye-ji and Kim Ho-young’s love life.

The office romance thriller drama ‘Branding Personality Sudong’, which depicts what happens when the souls of ‘youngest team leader’ Kim Ji-eun and ‘oldest intern’ Romon, who could never get along, are switched with a single kiss, will be released on U+ Mobile TV on February 5th. It is going to be.


[Photo] STUDIO X+U

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