BTS, ‘Top Class’ amid controversy over idol military service The meaning of military service [Oh!Sen Focus]


[OSEN=Reporter Sun Mi-kyung] As news of idol stars’ military service corruption continues, from fake epilepsy to intellectual disability diagnoses, BTS’ exemplary military service is gaining more meaning. BTS is setting an example by not only taking off the title of world star and performing military service in an ordinary and sincere manner, but also receiving commendation.

As BTS members begin their military service in earnest, news of the members’ faithful military service is receiving attention. Starting with the eldest brothers Jin and J-Hope, who earned the title of Special Warrior, the later entrants are also doing their best in military service, receiving elite training and the highest commendation. Even during his military service, he was ‘top glass’.

Starting with Jin’s enlistment in December 2022, all members of BTS are serving in the military, including J-Hope and Suga, followed by RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook last month. In particular, the members are attracting attention by completing their military service perfectly.


Jin, who was the first to enlist, is currently serving as an assistant instructor, and garnered attention by receiving news of two early promotions as he earned the rank of special warrior. Last month, Jin thanked fans for congratulating her on her birthday through the official fan community. She drew attention by revealing, “I received another early promotion for my outstanding life and am now Sergeant Kim Seok-jin.” Another good news came five months after announcing her early promotion in July of last year. Above all, it received even louder applause because it showed how diligently Jin was in his military service.

Not only Jin, but J-Hope also lived an exemplary military life, earned the rank of special warrior, and was promoted early. In the photo released last November, J-Hope’s corporal rank insignia and green epaulettes attracted attention, and the green epaulettes signify squad leader. A squad leader is a representative of a unit, and those who have received excellent evaluations from military officers and soldiers are assigned to this position. It was seen that J-Hope was also carrying out his duty faithfully.


RM and V, who enlisted last month, also became a hot topic when they received the elite trainee commendation at the recruit training completion ceremony. At the recruit training completion ceremony held at the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong Province on the 16th, they received a commendation as an elite trainee. The two people who stood on the podium in army combat uniform and berets attracted attention with their dignified appearance.

Meanwhile, Jimin, who enlisted a day later, also became a hot topic as he was known to have received the highest award at the recruit training completion ceremony on the 17th. Jimin received the division commander’s commendation for having the first overall score among the trainees and became the best trainee. Starting with Jin, J-Hope, RM, V, and Jimin are setting an example by serving in the military more diligently than anyone else.


In particular, BTS’ sincere military service is attracting more attention as it contrasts with the military service corruption of celebrities that has been coming to light one after another recently. Ravi, a former member of the group VIXX, and rapper Nafla were controversial for violating the military service law by falsely diagnosing epilepsy, and actor Song Deok-ho also apologized after being unfairly judged to be a level 4 social worker. Recently, it was shocking to learn that A, a member of an idol group, was falsely diagnosed with intellectual disability to avoid military service.

As the public’s disappointment in ‘tricks’ to avoid military service obligations is growing, BTS has put down the ‘world star’ modifier and is carrying out military service more faithfully than anyone else. These days, the attitude of BTS, who is showing an exemplary attitude more than anyone else in the military, stands out even more. /

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