‘Chaebol Ahn Bo-hyun “Reunion with Park Ji-hyun, another chemistry with ‘Yumi’s Cells””

[Edaily Starin Reporter Kim Ga-young] Actor Ahn Bo-hyun continues the SBS Friday-Saturday cider hero lineage through the new SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Chaebol


SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Chaebol, ‘Back on back’ FLEX investigation report. A new work ambitiously released by SBS Geumto Universe, which has built a trustworthy cider world view by creating mega hits with vivid character play and exciting narratives of good and punishment such as ‘The Passionate Priest’, ‘The Thousand-Won Lawyer’, ‘Model Taxi’, and ‘Won the Woman’. is attracting attention.

Among them, Ahn Bo-hyun plays the role of Jin I-soo, a third-generation childish tycoon who loves having fun and a parachute detective, creating an unprecedented detective character. In particular, in the play, Ahn Bo-hyun will play an active role as a chaebol detective who catches bad chaebols by mobilizing not only his enormous wealth and personal connections, but also his brilliant brain power and various activity skills acquired while playing.

Regarding the reason for appearing in ‘Chaebol In addition, thanks to director Kim Jae-hong’s energy, I wanted to demonstrate good synergy, and it was an opportunity to work with valuable people, such as meeting again the camera director who worked with my debut film ‘Hiya’, so I decided not to appear. “There was no reason,” he said, expressing extraordinary affection for the work and the production team.

Ahn Bo-hyun’s ‘Chaebol Accordingly, curiosity is rising about what differentiates ‘Jin Yi-su’ from the SBS cider hero character that has been loved by viewers. Regarding this, Ahn Bo-hyun said, “‘Jin Yi-soo’ is a character with a charm that you can’t hate, even though there are times when he is obnoxious. “He is full of cool elements that make impossible things possible in reality, so I think he will be able to have a lot of fun.” He added, “I feel pressured as I am taking over the footsteps of many seniors who led SBS’s Geumto Cider Universe, but I think ‘Chaebol Expectations have been raised for ‘Chaebol

In addition, Ahn Bo-hyun revealed the process of creating the unprecedented chaebol detective ‘Jin Yi-soo’. Ahn Bo-hyun said, “I created the character by sharing a lot of opinions with the staff, from hairstyle to costume, so that I could best show the charm of ‘Lee Soo’, a chaebol and detective. Actually, I thought that ‘Lee Soo’ was a friend who always had a lot of tension, so he didn’t have much in common with me. However, in order to show ‘Lee Soo’s unique bright side, I tried to maximize and express that part, so I feel like we are very similar.” In addition, he said, “I hope you will look forward to it as I have tried many things to show a different side of a detective,” raising curiosity about the unprecedented chaebol detective character that Ahn Bo-hyun will show.

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo-hyun not only reunites with writer Kim Bada through ‘Chaebol Accordingly, “Writer Bada Kim gave consideration to allowing me to freely express ‘Lee Soo’ rather than telling me specifically what to order. Of course, I felt quite a bit of pressure, but at the same time, I was very thankful and I felt like I had to repay the favor through my acting,” he said, expressing his gratitude. In addition, “I felt very comfortable with actress Park Ji-hyun from the script reading, perhaps because we worked together on ‘Yumi’s Cells.’ He has a very bright personality and always works hard, so I received a lot of good energy from him. “I think we will be able to show a different chemistry than what we saw in ‘Yumi’s Cells,’” he said emphatically, raising expectations for the new ensemble of the two actors to be shown through ‘Chaebol X Detective.’

Finally, Ahn Bo-hyun said, “I really liked the acting chemistry of the powerful 1st team as well as the overall atmosphere on set. “Because all the actors and staff were working with one mind and one mind, I worked hard and worked hard with the thought that all I had to do was do well,” he said. “I think the highlight of ‘Chaebol It was previously revealed through a teaser, and I was also intrigued by all the scenes where ‘Lee Soo’s’ financial resources, such as helicopters and boats, were used to investigate the case,” he said, pointing out the viewing points himself. Furthermore, “I think you will be able to feel a sense of coolness and exhilaration that goes beyond just cider through the way the chaebol and the detective work together to solve the case. “You can enjoy a variety of fun experiences, from thrilling catharsis to calm healing, so please look forward to it,” he said, raising expectations for the first broadcast of ‘Chaebol

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Chaebol is foreshadowing. It is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time at 10 PM on Friday, January 26, 2024.

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