‘Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Sierra’ The camping supercar that stole the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts


[Auto Herald Reporter Kim Heung-sik] Snow is the best news for camping enthusiasts. Winter camping, which can be enjoyed entirely in nature covered with a white snow carpet, is often considered the best. Winter camping requires more thorough preparation than any other season. You must carefully pack not only the clothes and equipment needed for warmth and heating, but also winter gear for your vehicle.

There are different vehicles that are suitable for winter camping. ‘Full-size RV’ It is a dream car for camping enthusiasts that is larger than a large SUV and has spacious interior space, powerful off-road performance, and caravan towing ability. Representative models are Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Sierra.

Unrivaled size and interior space

Chevrolet Tahoe
Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Sierra overwhelm all cars on the road with their size. It has a total length of over 5m, a width of over 2m, and a height that is higher than a person’s height, making it a different weight class from regular vehicles. Especially in its huge size, you can feel a majestic feeling that is different from ordinary cars.

The interior space secured by its extra-large size is also impressive. The Tahoe has a legroom of 886 mm for the first and second row seats as well as the third row seats, providing ample space for adults in any seat. In addition, you can secure a huge loading space of 722 liters as standard, and up to 3,480 liters when both the second and third row seats are folded. This is why it can be used for a variety of purposes, from long-distance travel to car camping.

Sierra, an authentic American full-size pickup truck, is a model that maximizes spatial appeal with an overall length of 5890mm. Even though it is a pickup truck with a double cab structure, the second row legroom reaches 1102mm, providing ample space. The cargo box provides more space than you can imagine, capable of carrying two motorcycles.

Luxury V8 engine and amazing off-road performance

GMC Sierra
GMC Sierra

Both models are equipped with a luxury V8 engine suitable for an authentic American RV and demonstrate excellent off-road performance. Tahoe and Sierra are equipped with GM’s famous 6.2L V8 direct injection gasoline engine, which produces tremendous power with a maximum output of 426 horsepower and a maximum torque of 63.6 kg·m. The heart-pounding sound of the V8 engine and exhaust is also excellent.

Although it is a powerful large-displacement engine, it is also efficient. It is equipped with GM’s proprietary Dynamic Fuel Management system, which automatically stops the operation of some pistons during constant and constant speed driving and improves fuel efficiency, so you can expect actual fuel efficiency that exceeds expectations.

Another advantage that steals the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts is its off-road performance. Both models use a body-on-frame to provide excellent body rigidity, and the Tahoe is equipped with a 2-speed automatic 4WD, and the Sierra is equipped with an electronic AutoTrack Active 4×4 four-wheel drive system. The advantage of both models is that you can enjoy a true outdoor lifestyle not only at campsites but also in remote areas.

‘Outdoor supercar’ even capable of caravan camping


The reason why Tahoe and Sierra are seen so often at camping sites is because of caravans. Both models have the most complete vehicle structure and equipment for caravan towing, including a genuine trailer hitch receiver and connector as well as an advanced trailering system.

In addition, the GMC Sierra can easily tow a large caravan with an enormous towing capacity of up to 3.9 tons, and the Chevrolet Tahoe can easily tow a large caravan of up to 3.4 tons, so they are also called ‘outdoor supercars’ among camping enthusiasts. As expected from a car made in the caravan paradise of the United States, advanced trailering technology has been applied for safety.

The Stabilitrack body posture control system, which includes a sway control function, prevents the trailer from swaying left or right. In addition, anyone can tow a caravan safely and easily with professional trailing technologies such as a heavy-duty cooling system, integrated trailer brake system, hitch assist guideline, and hill start assist system.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet and GMC are working to expand the base of the full-size RV market through special New Year’s promotions targeting Tahoe and Sierra during the month of January. If you purchase a Tahoe in a lump sum during January, you can receive a cash discount of up to 4 million won, and installment benefits of up to 72 months are also provided. Sierra also offers benefits that cannot be missed, such as installment options of up to 72 months and additional support of 2 million won when replacing a pickup truck imported from another company.

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