‘Controversy over commercial morality’ Jin Ja-rim, “I also experienced failure” It was done..Signboard demolition completed (comprehensive) [Oh!Ssen Issue]

Jinjarim SNS
Jinjarim SNS

[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] YouTuber Jin Ja-rim, who caused a stir due to the controversy over commercial ethics at the opening of the Tanghulu store, removed the store’s sign.

Jin Ja-rim, a YouTuber with 660,000 subscribers, bowed his head and promised to temporarily suspend business in response to the controversy over commercial ethics related to the opening of Tanghulu store.

On the 18th, Jin Ja-rim said, “I would like to apologize regardless of fault or responsibility for conveying an uncomfortable story to those who gave support and interest in starting a Tanghulu store.” “When starting a business, I do not know how much demand there is in the commercial area and the surrounding commercial districts.” I proceeded without thinking deeply about how it was formed and what positive or negative factors could arise from my start-up. “It was also reckless to miss the fact that this could have a negative impact on the livelihood of the owner of the store next door,” he said.

He continued, “My Tanghulu store, which was scheduled to open, will temporarily stop opening. I fully realize my responsibility for this incident and will not open a store in the current location. The story that he opened a Tanghulu store by deceiving real estate agents and landlords is not true at all. “When I was introduced to the landlord, I told him about my plan to start a business that would sell Tanghulu,” he explained.

Jin Ja-rim announced plans to open a Tanghulu store in a commercial building in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do at the end of this month. However, he received strong criticism when it became known that a Tanghulu franchise store was operating right next to the store he was opening.

Jin Ja-rim, who had not expressed any specific position on the commercial ethics controversy, eventually apologized and announced that he would not open a store in that location. And she kept her promise, taking down her sign around 10 p.m. on the 19th. Nothing is yet known about Jinjarim’s plans to open a new store.

Online community capture
Online community capture

Meanwhile, broadcaster Haha and comedian Kim Dae-hee were criticized due to the controversy over Jin Ja-rim’s commercial ethics. She revealed that once Jin Ja-rim opens her store, she wants to invite her acquaintances to be her part-time workers for the day, as Haha and Kim Dae-hee are on her list. The two worked together with Jinja Rim on her web entertainment content.

In response, Haha said, “After checking with Haha himself, I would like to inform you that I first heard about this content through the press and that it was not discussed in advance. We have conveyed our position to Jin Ja-rim regarding this content, and we at Kwan Entertainment state that we have no plans for any activities related to this. “There are currently too many speculative comments with unconfirmed content, so we ask that you refrain from further reckless speculation and malicious slander.”

Kim Dae-hee’s side also drew a line on the controversy related to Jin Ja-rim, saying, “As nothing was discussed in advance, we have no plans for any future activities.”/elnino8919@osen.co.kr

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