Dex, beyond being an entertainer, into an actor… Between expectations and concerns [N Focus]

Broadcaster Dex ⓒ News1 Reporter Kwon Hyun-jin
Broadcaster Dex ⓒ News1 Reporter Kwon Hyun-jin

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Ahn Eun-jae = ‘Newbie in entertainment’ Dex (real name Kim Jin-young) begins her acting challenge in earnest.

Dex recently announced his appearance in the horror-mystery omnibus series Tarot (written by Kyung Min-seon/directed by Choi Byeong-gil) presented by LG U+’s STUDIO X+U. ‘Tarot’ is an omnibus-style drama that is a destiny mystery series in which a person is trapped in a twisted curse of tarot cards due to a momentary choice. Actors Cho Yeo-jeong, Park Ha-sun, Ko Gyu-pil, Seo Ji-hoon, Kim Seong-tae, Ham Eun-jung, and Oh Yu-jin appear, and Dex appears in ‘Please Throw It Away’ among the 7 episodes. Take a side

He is currently starring in the webtoon-based drama ‘Eye Shopping’ It’s also being filmed. ‘Eye Shopping’ is an action thriller depicting the survival and revenge of an abandoned adopted child, and Dex plays the role of Jeong Hyeon, the main character’s closest subordinate and in charge of the actual operation of the secret organization. With this, he first started using ‘Tarot’ and ‘eye shopping’ Through these two works, he was able to show his side as an actor in earnest.

Dex was previously featured in the web entertainment ‘Fake Man’ produced by YouTube channel Physical Gallery. He appeared in Season 2 as a ‘Devil Instructor’ and stood in front of the public for the first time. A former member of the Korean Special Forces UDT, he used his experience to impress viewers with his charismatic appearance in keeping trainees disciplined. Afterwards, the Netflix dating reality ‘Solo Hell’ In Season 2, he gained popularity by emerging as a man with a devilish charm that captivates women’s hearts. He also solidified his position in entertainment by appearing in season 2 of the web entertainment show ‘Blood Game’ and the JTBC entertainment program ‘Smiling Boss’.

Photo = MBC
Photo = MBC

Dex began his full-fledged entertainment career by appearing on the MBC travel entertainment program ‘Around the World Since I Was Born’ (hereinafter ‘Around the World’) with Kian84. The meeting between Kian 84, who has an easy-going charm, and Dex, who was called ‘handsome Kian 84’, took place on ‘Around the World’. In addition, travel YouTuber Pani Bottle joined in and brought ‘raw’ to home theaters in South America, India, and even Madagascar in Africa. We offer travel. In particular, Dex interacted honestly with the local people and showed his wild side with his outspoken behavior. For his performance in ‘Around the World’, Dex won the Rookie Male Entertainer Award at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards and the Rookie Male Award at the 2023 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards, clearly becoming a rising star in the entertainment industry.

About Dex as an entertainer ‘Around the World’ Producer Kim Ji-woo said, “The easy-going charm that Dex showed before played a big role in casting him,” and added, “When he encountered a new and unfamiliar environment, his reaction was sincere, and he accepted travel as an experience rather than simply broadcasting or tourism.” “It was an advantage when filming,” he said.

For Dex, who has a strong entertainment image so far, the acting challenge requires an image transformation. This is because you need to properly show your true character as an actor and provide a deep sense of immersion in the play.

A broadcasting official said, “Stars like Dex, who have garnered attention through entertainment shows, can act as scene stealers when they want to emphasize the comedic part of the play thanks to their friendly image, but since they do not have any acting experience yet, they are unable to show off their immersive acting skills in regular dramas.”He also expressed concern by saying, “It is true that there are bound to be doubts about whether or not it can be shown.”

Of course, there are quite a few people who are excited about Dex’s full-fledged acting challenge.

A producer at a terrestrial broadcasting station said, “Casting an entertainment star as the lead role is not burdensome in itself. The important factor is whether the star fits the characteristics of the drama.”He added, “If he has the acting skills and recognition to play that role. “There is no problem, some directors prefer entertainment stars because they can show unexpected charms,” he said, expressing interest in Dex’s debut as an actor.

There is already growing curiosity about what kind of evaluation Dex, who has emerged as a new star in the entertainment industry, will receive in his full-fledged debut as an actor. The key is definitely ‘acting ability’

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