‘Dog Days’ The synergy of actors doubles when they work together


[TV Report = Reporter Kim Yeon-ju] The movie ‘Dog Days’ released 14 types of press stills that capture the chemistry of characters with strong personalities.

‘Dog Days’ is a movie depicting the story of a newly born child who meets a special best friend and changes every day, including successful architects, MZ riders, single men and women, and new parents.

Ahead of its release, the movie ‘Dog Days’, which will target the tastes of audiences of all ages and genders in theaters during the Lunar New Year holiday, has released press stills containing the charms of its unique characters. The still of Minseo (played by Yoon Yeo-jeong), a world-renowned architect with a unique personality, shows a relaxed appearance on a splendid stage and raises expectations for the performance of global actress Yoon Yeo-jeong, who returns to her character.

Next, the still depicts Min-sang (played by Yoo Hae-jin), a single man with a plan who is deep in thought in the office, showing off Hae-jin Yoo’s signature realistic acting as a person who does everything he can to make his project a success. Foreshadow. In the stills of new parents Jeong-ah (played by Kim Yun-jin) and Seon-yong (played by Jeong Seong-hwa), the excitement of welcoming a new family is clearly visible, while gradually adapting to an unfamiliar environment. Jiyu (played by Yoon Chae-na) is expected to bring lovely vitality to the play.

In addition, the still showing the bright smile of righteous veterinarian Jinyoung (played by Kim Seo-hyung) raises curiosity as the new face of Kim Seo-hyung, who has shown off his charismatic character. Who are the ex-boyfriend ‘Daniel’ (played by Daniel Henney) and current boyfriend ‘Hyeon’ (played by Lee Hyun-woo) who appeared claiming to be ‘Sting”s dad? It is expected to completely captivate audiences with its irreplaceable charm that cannot be missed. Unexpectedly, ‘Minseo”s only family ‘Wanda’ Jin-Woo (played by Tang Jun-Sang), the affectionate MZ rider who sets out to find him, is expected to add youthful energy to the play as a young man with a small but growing dream.

Meanwhile, ‘Dog Days’ is scheduled to be released on February 7th.

Reporter Kim Yeon-ju yeonjuk@tvreport.co.kr / Photo= CJ ENM

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