‘Elegant Empire’ Lee Si-gang dies, Namgyeong-eup ‘sobbing’ at the death of his son. [TV Now]

TV Daily Photo
TV Daily Photo

[TV Daily Reporter Kim Jin-seok] ‘Elegant Empire’ When Lee Si-gang died, Namgyeong-eup wept.

In the 105th episode of KBS2’s daily drama ‘Elegant Empire’ (written by Han Young-mi, directed by Park Ki-ho), which aired on the evening of the 19th, the appearance of Jang Chang-seong (Namgyeong-eup), the father of Jang Ki-yoon (Lee Si-gang), was aired after Jang Ki-yoon (Lee Si-gang) left.

On this day, Jang Ki-yoon lost his life in a car rollover accident, and his mother Hong Hye-rim (Kim Seo-ra) was involved in an accident and faced the risk of losing her eyesight.

Real-time news covered Jang Ki-yoon’s death and his crime, and Jang Chang-seong (Namgyeong-eup), who was watching, wept over his son’s death.

Jang Chang-seong said, “I became like this because I couldn’t give love properly.” He was sad, saying, “It’s as if I killed him,”and Hwang Seong-il (Kwon Oh-hyun) comforted him and expressed his feelings, saying, “Jang Ki-yoon was wrong because I didn’t know your feelings.”

Seo Hee-jae (Han Ji-wan) expressed her feelings to Jang Chang-seong, saying, “I thought I would feel at ease when Jang Ki-yoon died, but my heart is as heavy as a stone.”

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