‘Elegant Empire’ Lee Si-gang dies, Shin Joo-kyung serves as chairman, happy ending for good and punishment [TV On Air]

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[TV Daily Reporter Kim Jin-seok] Han Ji-wan of ‘Elegant Empire’ was elected as the new chairman, bringing a happy ending to the filled story of good and evil.

In the last episode of KBS2’s daily drama ‘Elegant Empire’ (written by Han Young-mi, directed by Park Ki-ho), which aired on the evening of the 19th, the death of Jang Ki-yoon (Lee Sikang) and the appearance of the Elegant Empire that merged with I Enter were depicted.

On this day, while Seo Hee-jae (Han Ji-wan) was being held legally responsible for disguising her identity and forging official documents, she was sentenced to probation due to extenuating circumstances and regained her name as Shin Ju-kyung. As there were no grounds for disqualification, she became the new chairman of Woowa Empire, which merged with Na Enter. was appointed as

Nam Gyeong-eup (Jeong Chang-seong) gave strength to Shin Ju-kyung, saying, “Please take good care of our company,” and Hwang Seong-il (Kwon Oh-hyun) was happy, saying, “Now the company will run well.” Prosecutor Yoo (Park Gun-rak) said to Jeong Woo-hyuk (Kang Yool), “If there were no people like Jang Ki-yoon who commit sins because of their own greed, the world would become cleaner and more livable,” and Jeong Woo-hyuk said, “We must work together to create such a world.” He laughed.

Jung Woo-hyuk met Yang Hee-chan (Bang Hyeong-ju). He said, “Compared to the sin I committed, this suffering is nothing.” He said, “I will live my whole life in atonement.” Jung Woo-hyuk was nominated for the Broadcast Acting Awards, and after winning the award, he made a surprise proposal to Shin Ju-kyung in his acceptance speech.

Jacqueline (Son Seong-yoon) left for the United States with her mother. Go to America ‘properly’ He said that he would live, and expressed his decision by saying, “I think living an ordinary life among ordinary people would be a happy life.”


Jacqueline acknowledged Shin Ju-kyung as her friend and left the words, “If anything happens, contact me.”Shin Joo-kyung also shook Jacqueline’s hand and said, “I will contact you often.”

Shin Ju-kyung, who sent Jacqueline to the United States, said, “Perfect happiness does not exist. Everyone living in the world experiences pain. But we must walk through all these times with our loved ones. If you have loved ones by your side, if you have a family, you can walk on instead of staying in pain. Loved ones, family. The play ended with the narration, “That is the meaning and reason why we walk towards hope in the midst of pain.”

Shin Joo-kyung, who married Jung Woo-hyuk, Jang Soo-ah (Yoon Chae-na), who has a good father, Jacqueline who leaves for the United States in search of a normal life, Jang Ki-yoon who loses her life in a car accident, and Hong Hye-rim (Kim Seo-ra) who loses her eyesight. #39; reached its conclusion.

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