[Exclusive] Jeon Dong-seok, ‘Hedwig’ do… Return to upgrade after 5 years

▲ Jeon Dong-seok. Source| Big Boss Entertainment official website
▲ Jeon Dong-seok. Source| Big Boss Entertainment official website

[SPOTV News = Reporter Jang Jin-ri] Musical actor Jeon Dong-seok returns to ‘Hedwig’.

According to SPOTV News coverage on the 19th, Jeon Dong-seok was cast in the musical ‘Hedwig’.

‘Hedwig’ is a work that tells the story of Hedwig, a transgender singer from East Germany who tries to overcome the painful wounds of the past and live a new life through music.

With strong and stylish rock music and a unique yet relatable story, it is a steady-selling performance that has not been a hit since its premiere in 2005. A ‘legendary performance’ with a total of approximately 2,500 performances nationwide, with standing seats at all performances, ‘highest audience share’ and ‘largest cumulative audience’ among performances in small and medium-sized theaters. ;, and returns for its 14th season this year.

Following 2019, Jeon Dong-seok meets the audience once again for the first time in five years with ‘Hedwig’. During the 2019 season, Jeon Dong-seok wrote a new history for ‘Hedwig’ with his all-time great visuals, strong and explosive rock spirit, and reinterpretation of a character who was lonely deep in his heart but was stronger and more lovable than anyone else, and has been further upgraded. Expectations are high for his return.

‘Hedwig’ will open at the Charlotte Theater in Jamsil, Seoul in March.

Jeon Dong-seok has appeared in ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, ‘Dracula’ He is actively engaged in various works such as:

▲ Jeon Dong-seok. Provided| Shownotes
▲ Jeon Dong-seok. Provided| Shownotes

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