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[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] The brilliant and famous scenes in ‘Fantasy Sonata’ are attracting attention.

KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Fantasy Sonata’ (written by Yoon Kyung-ah, directed by Lee Jeong-seop, produced by Monster Union and Fantagio), which is loved for its exciting story, excellent actors’ performances, and fast-paced plot, is drawing an increasingly dramatic story. As the love triangle between two men who coexist in the same body and a woman who runs fiercely for revenge has begun in earnest, we have selected the best scenes of ‘Fantasy Sonata’ that have captured the tastes of viewers so far.

▲ A word that really captured women’s hearts! “me? “Your Man” Ak-hee’s Fatal Charm (Episode 1)

The crown prince’s hidden personality, Ak-hee (Park Ji-hoon), fell in love with Yeon-wol (Hong Ye-ji), whom he met by chance at a gladiatorial ring on the street, and made a plan to keep her by his side. Ak-hee approached Yeon-wol, who had infiltrated the palace to assassinate the king to avenge his family, and lit him with incense to make him lose his mind. “You don’t fit in with an assassin. “Your scent is so strong,” she whispered, finally taking her lover into her arms. Yeonwol, who woke up without her memory, did not recognize Akhee, and Akhee responded with her shameless and nonchalant face, “Me? “Your man,” she said, predicting an unstoppable, straight forward approach.

▲ A cold arrow that separated the two people… Sajo Hyeon saves Yeonwol by throwing his weight away (episode 3)

Sajo Hyeon (Park Ji-hoon), who woke up, treated Yeonwol with suspicion as he realized that Akhee had tried to make Yeonwol his concubine while he was asleep. He was Sa Jo-hyeon, who tried to ruin the plans of Ak-hee, who wanted to keep the woman he loved by his side, but he could not hide his confused mind after unknowingly saving Yeon-wol, who was in danger.

At this time, Sajo Hyeon, who was practicing archery alone in the palace grounds, accidentally shot an arrow at Yeonwol, who came to visit him. When Yeonwol fell while trying to avoid a flying arrow, Sajohyeon threw his whole body to save him, and a strange current was formed between the two people facing each other, hinting that the love triangle between Sajohyeon, Yeonwol, and Akhui would begin in earnest. did.

▲ “I love you” A situation where you can’t make up your mind, a faint kiss! Beautiful underwater kiss scene (Episode 5)

Ak-hee rescued Yeon-wol, who was imprisoned after being falsely accused of assassinating the king, and took her to a hideout. There, they spent a brief, happy time together and forgot about the painful feelings of the past. However, Prince Sajo Yung (Hwang Hee), who was suspicious of their actions, sent Salsu to the hideout and tried to capture Yeonwol, and Akhee and Yeonwol ran away together and jumped into the river.

In a crisis situation, the two people who trusted each other and threw themselves into each other made eye contact in the water and slowly kissed while feeling an unknown attraction. The first kiss between Ak-hee, who freely expresses her deep love for Yeon-wol, and Yeon-wol, who accepts Ak-hee despite being confused about his identity, was ranked as the best scene, leaving a sad and vague lingering feeling.

Episode 6 of KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Fantasy Sonata’, which contains a feast of colorful scenes and a heart-warming love story, will be broadcast at 10:10 pm on the 22nd. /elnino8919@osen.co.kr

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