‘Girl’s Gochuri Class 3’, how far have we come… “I filmed everything, the scariest thing ever” [Focus S]

▲ \'Girl's Chili Pepper Class 2\' official poster
▲ \’Girl’s Chili Pepper Class 2\’ official poster

[SPOTV News = Reporter Jang Jin-ri] ‘Girls’ Chili Pepper Class’ As the outlines of Season 3 are gradually revealed, expectations for the new season are growing.

‘Girls’ Gossip Class’ is a mystery adventure entertainment show that tells the story of five mystery students, Park Ji-yoon, Jang Do-yeon, Choi Yena, Vivi, and Jae-jae, solving cases. ‘The Genius’, ‘Society Game’, ‘The Great Escape’ It was produced by producer Jeong Jong-yeon, who is known as the master of mystery entertainment, and was popular until season 2.

Season 3 was announced to be launched in November last year. Season 3 was directed by Producer Jeong Jong-yeon, who directed Seasons 1 and 2, and Lim Soo-jeong, who had previously worked with him. In 2022, producer Jeong Jong-yeon leaves CJ ENM and joins ‘Infinite Challenge’ The head of ‘Girl’s Chili Club’ changed as producer Kim Tae-ho moved to his production company Theo.

Viewers’ expectations and concerns are mixed as to what ‘Girl’s Chili Club’ will be like without PD Jeong Jong-yeon. First of all, other than producer Jeong Jong-yeon, all original members who had the know-how for the success of ‘Girl’s Chili Club’remained in Season 3. The five original members remain in the cast, and PD Lim Soo-jeong, who participated in the production of seasons 1 and 2, along with writer Yeong Yeong-hee, stage director Hwang Woo-taek, and art director Jang Yeon-ok, will be together until the launch of season 3.

However, it is still unclear what effect the absence of PD Jeong Jong-yeon will have on the color of ‘Girl’s Chili Club’ As both Seasons 1 and 2 have formed a strong fandom with their dense world view and storytelling that catches people off guard in each episode, expectations for Season 3 are high. In particular, compared to Season 1, Season 2’s viewing UV on TV increased by about 120% (based on the same period), proving its popularity increasing as the series expands.

‘Girl’s Chili Pepper Class 3’ Announcing the news of the launch of the new season, the production company said, “It is the most thrilling mystery entertainment of all time, with a realistic story and special devices not seen in Season 1 and Season 2.”He was confident that “it will be born.”

As the production team said, season 3 will be ‘the best ever’, according to the cast. ‘Girl’s Chili Pepper Class 3’ It is reported that filming was already completed last year. Yena Choi said, “I’ve filmed all of the women’s high school mystery classes,”and she said, “All you have to do is come out.””This one is the scariest thing ever” and has evolved into something even more terrifying. A comeback in season 3 was announced.

‘Girls’ Red Pepper Class’ is also CJ ENM OTT TVING’s first original entertainment show. Attention is also focused on whether ‘Girl’s Chili Club’, which returns for Season 3, will build Teabing’s pride once again.

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