‘Golden Girls’ Insooni, praise for Park Jin-young… “I feel like I’m flying”

Insooni (Photo = KBS2 ‘Golden Girls’ broadcast screen)
Insooni (Photo = KBS2 ‘Golden Girls’ broadcast screen)

[Edaily Starin Reporter Yoon Ki-baek] ‘Golden Girls’ Insooni clearly showed off her presence as the eldest sister

In the 11th episode of KBS2’s entertainment show ‘Golden Girls’, which aired on the 19th, behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of the second new song ‘THE MOMENT’ and the members of ‘Golden Girls’ who performed in local areas for the first time on New Year’s Day were depicted.

The broadcast on this day began with a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of ‘The Moment’. Insooni was the first batter to record. Jinyoung Park said she adjusted the lighting in the recording studio to match the mood of the song. However, Insooni embarrassed Park Jin-young with a response of “I was depressed.” Before recording, Park Jin-young said to Insooni, “Her mind went back to the time when she was single, but then she found a man she liked. We decided to meet tonight. “The two of us drink cocktails,” he continued, explaining the song. Jinyoung Park heard Insooni’s intro song and said, “It was so good. “I think she’s the sexiest song she’s ever sung,” she praised.

The recording went smoothly until the latter part. Afterwards, she responded to Park Jin-young’s compliment, “Sister, I feel like I had a moment like this when I was younger,” and Insooni was happy, saying, “I feel like I’m flying.”

The ‘Golden Girls’ members gathered as always in the New Year before local performances and devoted themselves to camp and practice. Insooni cheered at the rice cake that Eunmi Lee brought her after her practice. She then asked Eunmi Lee, “Did Eunmi do it (herself)?” to which Eunmi Lee responded, “No. I stopped by the mill… “He answered. In response, Insooni jokingly said, “You should bring it with you.” Also, Park Mi-kyung said, “Look at the smoke coming out.” “It’s smoke,” she said when she saw the rice cake, and she said with a straight face, “It’s not smoke, it’s seaweed,” and she corrected Park Mi-kyung’s words, making her burst into laughter.

Insooni, who was eating delicious rice cake and suddenly realized that the new year was bright, said, “You know that my age has increased by one, right? “It’s hard,” she said, looking bitter as she revealed that she had grown one year older. In response, Lee Eun-mi said, “You know that not only her sister has risen, but the entire team has risen, right?” She announced that the ‘Golden Girls’, with a total of 155 years of experience, have risen to 159 years in the new year.

A few days later, the ‘Golden Girls’ members gathered at the Seoul Meeting Plaza to go to a local performance venue together. Insooni, who was riding the ‘First Class Limousine’ bus prepared by Park Jin-young, was introducing the snacks she bought at the rest area and made people laugh by saying about one snack, “The name is Ten Won Bread, but the price is 4,000 won.”

The location of local performances is decided by turning the wheel in Daejeon. The local performance was held as part of the promotion for the second new song ‘The Moment’. This day was the day when ‘Golden Girls’ second new song ‘The Moment’ was debuted to the public. In the Daejeon performance held outdoors rather than indoors in the bitter cold, the ‘Golden Girls’ members successfully completed the performance thanks to the enthusiastic response of the ‘Golzers’ who filled the square.

After the ‘The Moment’ stage, Park Jin-young introduced Insooni, saying, “She is the person who turns this large space into a moist bar.” She continued, “Senior Insooni’s sexiness cannot be expressed in words.” “Does he come when we sing songs like this?” From your eyes to your facial expressions to your fingertips. “Is he coming?” she asked. Insooni seemed embarrassed and replied, “I’m just doing my best.”

Insooni, who finished the performance while showing off her sexy and mature look, said, “I don’t think I will forget today’s emotion for a long time. “Thank you,” she expressed her overwhelming feelings to the audience.

KBS2’s ‘Golden Girls’ has a total of 12 episodes and airs every Friday at 10 PM. There is now only one episode left.

Yoon Ki-baek (gibaek@edaily.co.kr)

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