‘Golden Spoon’ A new actor was immediately given the lead role in a drama…controversy over preferential treatment [Look@Japan]


[TV Report = Reporter Jeon Young-eun] Rei Shirakawa (21), daughter of famous Japanese announcer Keiko Kono, appears as the lead in a new drama.

Keiko Kono (59), Fuji TV’s main announcer, and Koji Takanohana (51), a former sumo wrestler and former 65th Yokozuna, appear in the drama ‘Marriage 1,000 Knocks’, which recently started airing on Fuji TV. Daughter Rei Shirakawa appeared on the show, sparking controversy over preferential treatment.

Rei Shirakawa said in a past interview, “I hid my real name and chose a stage name because I didn’t want to receive help from my parents,”but from the time of her debut, she gathered various media outlets and held personal presentations, drawing criticism.

An entertainment industry insider said, “There was no way the media would gather just because an unknown newcomer was debuting, and the topicality of being the daughter of Keiko Kono and Koji Takanohana definitely played a role.” “It’s strange that there was a presentation just for her debut in the first place,” he said, pointing out Rei Sarakawa’s contradictory actions.

Shirakawa Rei even said, “In the past, I focused only on my studies, including studying abroad in the UK, but when I was a college student, I randomly registered a profile through an audition and became affiliated with an entertainment agency.”She, who did not major in acting, appeared in a Fuji TV soap opera after two works. Netizens raised questions about the fact that he was selected as a lead actor in, and appeared as a regular on the lunchtime information program of the same affiliate.

Meanwhile, the drama ‘Marriage 1000 Knocks’, which began airing on the 17th (local time), stars Maki Fukuda (35) as Ayako Minami, an unknown novelist, and Kusoo Yamada, who abandoned her early on and appeared as a ghost. It is an entertainment drama about a man who is paired with (played by Yusei Yaki) and struggles to live a married life, and Rei Shirakawa plays Aizawa, the editor in charge of Ayako Minami (played by Maki Fukuda), who has an otaku temperament.

Reporter Jeon Young-eun jye@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = Shirakawa Rei social media

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