Ha Yeon-joo, who returned after marriage, said, “It’s been a while since I’ve been active, so it’s unfamiliar.”

Ha Yeon-joo (Photo = KBS)
Ha Yeon-joo (Photo = KBS)
‘Without blood or tears’ (Photo = KBS)
‘Without blood or tears’ (Photo = KBS)

[Edaily Starin Reporter Kim Hyun-sik] Actress Ha Yeon-joo breaks her long hiatus with ‘Without Blood and Tears.’

At the production presentation for KBS 2TV’s new daily drama ‘Without Blood and Tears’, which was broadcast live on YouTube at 11 am on the 22nd, Ha Yeon-joo said, “I have had several personal stories. “It’s been a long time since she’s been active, so she’s very unfamiliar,” she said of her appearance. He then expressed his determination, saying, “I prepared a lot to show a more in-depth and diverse side of myself than before.”

Ha Yeon-joo’s appearance in a drama comes about five years after the end of KBS 2TV’s daily drama ‘Left-Handed Wife’ in 2019. Ha Yeon-joo married her non-celebrity husband in 2021 during her gap year.

The return work, ‘Without Blood and Tears’, is a work that depicts the tragic story of sisters who were separated when their parents divorced when they were young, but meet again in a whirlpool of fate, leading to catastrophe. The main thrust of the story is that her older sister and younger brother reunite after 20 years as her daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

Yeon-joo appears as Lee Hye-ji, the younger sister. She is a person who lives with her name changed to Bae Do-eun. She is in an affair with YJ Group CEO Yoon I-cheol (played by Jeong Chan), and her older sister, Lee Hye-won (played by Lee So-yeon), ends up marrying Yoon I-cheol’s son.

Ha Yeon-ju said, “It is a work with a strong story. “It will also be interesting to have a composition that crosses the past and present,” he said. About the character she plays, she said, “It’s not a stereotypical villain who only runs for revenge. “It’s cute in some ways,” she said, adding, “Even though she’s a villain, I think there are parts of her that viewers will sympathize with her inner story.”

‘Without Blood and Tears’ is directed by Kim Shin-il, producer of ‘A Dangerous Promise’, ‘The Strongest Deliveryman’, ‘TV Novel The Sun in the Sky’, ‘Amazing Legacy’, ‘Sweet Secret’, and ‘Discovery of Love’. Writer Kim Kyung-hee of ‘ etc. is writing the screenplay. The lead actors included Lee So-yeon, Ha Yeon-joo, Oh Chang-seok, Jang Se-hyeon, Jeong Chan, and Park Shin-woo. This drama, a sequel to ‘Elegant Empire,’ will air every weekday at 7:50 PM from today.

Hyunsik Kim (ssik@edaily.co.kr)

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