Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung, start their second public relationship?… “An unsurprising move” Cold public [TEN focus]

[Ten Asia = Reporter Kim Se-ah]

/ Photo = Ten Asia DB
/ Photo = Ten Asia DB

As rumors of a romantic relationship between singer Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung arose, both agencies stated that it was difficult to confirm the relationship because it was their private life. In fact, the public seems to be casting cold eyes rather than cheering on the move, which is seen as an acknowledgment of their romantic relationship.

On the 19th, Hyuna’s agency At Area released a statement regarding the dating rumors, saying, “We are not involved in the artist’s extremely personal matters.”Yong Jun-hyung’s agency, Black Made, also said, “It is difficult to confirm because it is the artist’s private life.”

Previously, on the 18th, Hyuna posted a heart sign between her man and woman on her SNS. She posted a photo with a man along with an emoticon. The photo shows a man and a woman walking on a sandy beach holding hands, and Hyuna tagged Yong Junhyung’s account on the man’s back.

Hyuna wrote a post that seemed to hint at a romantic relationship. After posting this, Yong Junhyung also uploaded the same photo on his SNS that day, adding to the dating rumors that had already arisen. Some speculated that the photo may have been posted by the two as a marketing tool for collaboration.

However, the main opinion is that it does not appear that they met for collaboration as both of their agencies took the position that “it is difficult to get involved because it is a private life.”

In the meantime, the autograph that Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung left together at a pork cutlet store in November of last year was revealed, leading to speculation that their relationship had continued for several months.

Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung are seniors and juniors who worked together at Cube Entertainment in the past, and Yong Jun-hyung was also in charge of featuring Hyuna’s solo debut song ‘Change’. In addition, Hyuna and Dawn, who were juniors in the same agency at the time, began a public relationship in 2018 and broke up after dating for three years. If her romantic relationship is correct, it has been one year and two months since Hyuna’s public relationship began in November 2022, when she broke up with Dawn.

Yong Junhyung also had an open relationship in the past. Yong Junhyung publicly revealed that he was dating the late Kara Goo Hara in 2011, but in March 2013, he said, “We decided to remain close colleagues.” “We also ask each other how we are doing,” he said about the breakup.

Fans reacted coldly to their news, saying, “It’s not a surprising move,” and “It seems difficult to just support them.” It seemed. That’s because Yong Jun-hyung had a past in ‘Jung Jun-young’s group chat room’ Because he was involved in an incident.

Yong Jun-hyung left the team after admitting in March 2019 that he had watched an illegal video that singer Jung Jun-young shared at the end of 2015. Jung Joon-young is serving a prison sentence on charges of gang rape and illegal filming. Yong Jun-hyung also stopped his singing career in the aftermath, but returned in November 2022, about 4 years later, through the independent label ‘Black Made’.

They say there is no business in front of love, but these people are confident in their actions. It seems that voices of concern have become louder than voices of support.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia Reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr

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