Hyuna “I’m not cool” and I’m also a bit of a scoundrel…I’m scared of one-sided gaze” (‘Bodeum TV’) [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Ji Min-kyung] Singer Hyuna revealed that she is still uncomfortable with people’s one-sided gaze.

On the 20th, the YouTube channel ‘Kang Hyeong-wook’s Bodeum TV’ featured ‘Hyuna. It’s too late now… The unfortunate genius dog that Kang Hyung-wook missed appears. [Kang Hyung-wook’s Guest Show] EP.23′ video has been posted.

In the video released on this day, Hyuna was depicted meeting Ah Hyeong-wook with her dog Sogeum. Kang Hyung-wook was impressed by his multi-talented dog Sogeum.


When Hyuna said that her dog was 7 years old, Kang Hyeong-wook said, “It’s a shame. “Wouldn’t he have been even greater when he was younger?” Hyuna asked, “Are you at the level to be a police dog?” and Kang Hyeong-wook said, “I think it’s sufficient.” I regret my age. He repeatedly expressed regret, saying, “Even if we only met three years ago.”

Regarding the name of her dog Salt, Hyuna said, “I felt that he was essential to the world, so I named him Salt from light and salt. He was adopted by a family, and he slept for about 50 minutes in my arms. “That’s why I brought him here,” she explained.

He continued, “Actually, I didn’t meet you when I was fully mentally prepared. “So the reason I wanted to meet you for a long time was because I wanted to be a good owner,” he added. In response, Kang Hyeong-wook praised him, saying, “You raised him so well.” Hyuna said about Sogeum, “He has a really nice personality. We go to all filming locations together. “My favorite thing to do is ride in a car,” she said, showing off her various talents.


Kang Hyeong-wook said, “Sogeum had a great time here. Aren’t many people watching us one-sidedly here? But the dogs are really scared of this,” and Hyuna also said, “I’m scared too. But I came out because I really wanted to. “I’m still uncomfortable with this,” he confessed.

Kang Hyeong-wook, who greatly sympathized, said, “I used to shoot commercials, and there, I had to smile and show a good side, right? It was so awkward that I couldn’t do it, so I decided to take a break and then go, but Daol, who I was raising, was there. She is being pretty, but the director says that her face is okay. So he revealed the anecdote, saying, “I took pictures with Daol in front of me.”

Hyuna said, “I think so too. When I’m on set and Sogeum moves around in front of me while I’m posing and filming, I feel really stable. I hate being apart, so we are always together. I think I’m relying on it. “I’m really cool and I’m also a bit of a nerd,” he said. Kang Hyeong-wook pointed to Sogeum and admitted, “I think he’s someone I can rely on.” /mk3244@osen.co.kr

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