I love you and remember… G.O.D.’s memories cherished for 25 years, ‘G.O.D. Masterpiece the Movie’ [SS Movie]

‘G.O.D Masterpiece The Movie’ poster. photos | IOK Company
‘G.O.D Masterpiece The Movie’ poster. photos | IOK Company

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Ham Sang-beom] GOD, Korea’s representative idol from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, has already celebrated its 25th anniversary. He debuted in January 1999 with ‘Dear Mother’ and caused quite a stir, and with successive hits such as ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Lies’, he rose to the ranks of national idols.

They are the longest-running group that continues to communicate with fans through music even as times change, starting with cassette tapes and moving on to CDs and digital music. Recently, a movie containing the live performance was released. The title is ‘G.O.D. Masterpiece the Movie.’

‘GOD Masterpiece The Movie’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Masterpiece’) contains the live performance of ‘god’s MASTERPIECE’ held at KSPO DOME on November 12 last year. G.O.D mobilized 73,000 audiences during a total of 7 performances in Seoul, Daegu, and Busan.

‘Masterpiece’, which combines performance and exhibition, unfolds G.O.D.’s 25 years on stage. Park Jun-hyung, Danny Ahn, Yoon Kye-sang, Son Ho-young, and Kim Tae-woo became the five docents and told countless stories they had learned while working as G.O.D.s for 25 years.

G.O.D’s concert, shown on a wide screen and with great sound, provides an intense experience as if you were there. After a short interview about how this concert started, the audience is immediately taken into the concert scene. The set list consists of numerous famous songs such as ‘Sorrow’, ‘Where You Should Be’, ‘Ordinary Day’, ‘Lies’, ‘One Candle’, ‘Road’, and ‘Sky Blue Balloon’, and you will find yourself singing along naturally. The moment when G.O.D fans head back to their memories with one mind and one heart unfolds at the movie theater.

Not only the song sung by the five people together, but also Park Jun-hyung’s dance time, the opposite unit of Danny Ahn and Kim Tae-woo, and the unit of Son Ho-young as Peter Pan and Yoon Kye-sang as Wendy leave a strong impression. Yoon Kye-sang’s face, unable to hide her embarrassment at wearing a ribbon in her hair and screaming, “Don’t take a picture, please don’t post it, keep it,”is a point that brings a lot of laughter. Kim Tae-woo’s happy smile, “Gye-sang made a big decision,” also adds to the laughter.

Before I knew it, the gems of famous songs were playing one by one, and when the final song ‘I Love You and Remember’ was played, my eyes turned red one by one. I sang the song, suppressing the rising emotions as if I knew that this happy moment would not come for a while.

Park Jun-hyung, wearing sunglasses, could only sing one verse in his part and passed the microphone to the audience. It seemed like he was holding back the tears that were welling up in his eyes. Danny Ahn and Son Ho-young’s eyes also turned red. The moment of communicating with fans was a great happiness for them, and their sincerity was conveyed throughout the last song.

Watching the video up close, you can see how the members of G.O.D. work together and get a glimpse of their detailed emotions when singing. Kim Tae-woo’s high notes penetrate deep into the hearts of audiences through the speakers of the movie theater. Thanks to this, the audience can also sing along with G.O.D. in unison with the fans in the concert hall who are constantly waving sky-blue balloons.

‘Masterpiece’, which was released on the 10th, was watched by more than 17,000 people as of the 19th. Even though the release date has already passed, more than 2,000 people are visiting each day, and the seat occupancy rate has reached a whopping 18.6%. G.O.D.’s power also spread to movie theaters.


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