Im Siwan x Lee Sunbin ‘Boys’ Generation’ Season 2 is coming… Script in progress [Exclusive]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Bo-ra] Production for Season 2 of Coupang Play’s popular series ‘Boys’ Generation’ is in progress.

According to OSEN’s coverage on the 9th, the production team of ‘Boys’ Generation’ is currently working on the script behind the scenes while working hard to improve the completeness of the season 2 narrative.

Accordingly, actors such as Im Si-wan and Lee Sun-bin have not yet been informed of how the content of Season 2 will be resolved. Of course, the script was not completed.


As ‘Onyang loser’ Jang Byeong-tae (played by Im Si-wan) won the decisive battle against ‘Asan White Tiger’ Jeong Gyeong-tae (played by Lee Si-woo), will the story continue after that, or will it be the ‘black spider’ whose history and history were not revealed in Season 1? ‘ It is known that they are considering whether to focus on Park Ji-young (Lee Sun-bin).

‘Boys’ Generation’ (written by Kim Jae-hwan, directed by Lee Myung-woo) Season 1 is a comical action drama set in South Chungcheong Province in 1989, depicting the story of Byeong-tae, an Onyang loser whose life-long goal is not to get hit, who transforms into Buyeo jjang overnight.

After being released on November 24 last year, it went viral, and viewership rose vertically to 2914% by the time it ended. Even now, a year later, it has remained the most popular product on Coupang Play for 7 consecutive weeks.


‘Boys’ Generation’, which began filming in June of last year and continued filming for three months, reached viewers through post-production in just two months.

Producer Lee Myung-woo’s work is progressing very quickly, and the OTT platform has been decided on Coupang Play, so Season 2 is expected to be released as early as this year.


[Photo] Coupang Play

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