‘Immortal Song’ Kim Ho-jung, comforted by the song of the late Kim Kwang-seok [TV Spoiler]

Immortal Song/ Photo = KBS2 Immortal Song
Immortal Song/ Photo = KBS2 Immortal Song

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon] The ‘Immortal Songs’ talk waiting room instantly turns into a concert hall with the voices of Kim Ho-jung, Jeong In, and Jeong Dong-ha. Everyone falls in love with their surprising singing.

KBS2’s ‘Immortal Songs’ (directed by Park Min-jeong, Park Hyeong-geun, Kim Seong-min, and Park Young-kwang), which will be broadcast on the 20th, is the strongest entertainment program that has achieved the No. 1 record in the same time period for 54 weeks. Episode 641, which airs today (20th), will feature the second part of ‘Wannabe Festival in Pyeongchang’.

In the talk waiting room, there is talk about ‘famous songs that gave me comfort.’ Kim Ho-joong nodded to MC Lee Chan-won’s words, “I received a lot of comfort from the late Kim Kwang-seok,”and said, “The singer who first let me pick up the guitar was senior Kim Kwang-seok,”and added, “January is the time I always think of the most.”. Kim Ho-joong, who mentioned Kim Kwang-seok’s ‘My Man’ as his favorite song, performs a verse of the song without accompaniment.

Kim Ho-joong’s calm, unadorned voice fills the talk waiting room and leaves a long lingering sound. To this, Younha said, “You are so cute. He is said to have joked, “The place is really nice.”

Next, Jeong-in also said, “I liked senior Hye-jin Jang’s song when I was in school, so I remember singing it at a music festival in college,” and came to the center of the talk waiting room to present Jang Hye-jin’s ‘To Me’. Kim Ho-jung reacted strongly to Jeong-in’s stage, where her unrivaled voice stood out, saying, “It’s too bad I only heard the first verse.”

Choosing Lim Jae-beom’s ‘Emergency’, Jeong Dong-ha recited a part of the song’s lyrics and said, “It was still lonely, but it was comforting to know that there was someone like that.”Jeong Dong-ha also impressed everyone by performing an intense stage reminiscent of a real stage. Chan-won Lee gives a thumbs up to the stage where his rough emotions and singing skills stand out, saying, “It shines even more because Dong-ha Jeong sings it.”

It is said that on this day, the talk waiting room was instantly transformed into a concert hall with a surprise performance by Kim Ho-jung, followed by Jeong-in and Jeong Dong-ha, which deeply moved the attendees.

Meanwhile, this ‘Wannabe Festival in Pyeongchang’ was prepared to support the successful hosting of the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games and to support youth athletes from around the world who are about to participate. A special tribute stage will be performed by stars of each genre. The stage composition was also selected from among the performers’ hit songs that could convey a message of support, and it was organized in a way that the players received song requests they wanted to hear and presented them on stage.

‘Wannabe Festival in Pyeongchang’, which received favorable reviews through the first part of its broadcast on the 13th (Saturday), will be aired today (20th). ‘Immortal Songs’, which creates legendary videos that you will want to watch again every Saturday afternoon, airs every Saturday afternoon. It will be broadcast on KBS 2TV at 6:10 p.m.

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon ent@stoo.com]

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