IU changes new song name to ‘Love Winds All’ “Accepts concerns that message may be blurred” [official]


(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Hwang Mi-hyeon = Singer IU changes the name of her new song from ‘Love Winds’ to ‘Love Winds All’.

On the 19th, IU’s agency, Edam Entertainment, announced that IU’s pre-released song, scheduled to be released at 6 p.m. on the 24th, was titled “Love Wins All”. “We will change it to wins all.”

He added, “We accept the concerns that the title of this song will obscure the important message, and we want to further respect and support everyone who lives and loves in various ways.”

He said, “If there is a word that is most opposed to the message contained in the song to be released, it would be ‘hate.’” “This was also mentioned in detail in the track intro released on the 18th, in a world without hate.” “I sincerely hope that all love will win, and that the meaning of this song will be conveyed without hurting anyone,” he emphasized.

Earlier, when IU announced that she would release a surprise new song ‘Love Winds’ on the 15th, some sexual minorities raised concerns. This is because ‘Love Winds’ is a phrase that has been used by sexual minorities as a parade and SNS hashtag. Accordingly, if an influential singer like IU uses ‘Love Winds’ in a love song with the opposite sex, the meaning of the song may be tarnished.

IU and her agency drew attention by making the bold decision to accept these voices and revise the name of the new song.


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