IU, the reason why she changed the title of her new song… ‘Love wins’ criticized by sexual minorities What does it mean? [SC Issue]


[Sports Chosun.com Reporter Lee Woo-joo] Singer IU decided to change the title of her controversial new song, ‘Love Wins’. This is because ‘Love wins’ is an idiom that has a special meaning for sexual minorities.

IU’s agency, Edam Entertainment, announced on the 19th, “IU’s pre-released song ‘Love wins,’ scheduled to be released at 6 PM on the 24th as of today.”Change the title to ‘Love wins all’ “We accept concerns that the title of this song may obscure the important message, and we would like to further respect and support everyone who loves and lives in various ways,” he said.

The agency said, “If there is a word that is most contrary to the message contained in the song to be released, it would be ‘hate.’ This was also mentioned in detail in the track intro released on the 18th. I sincerely hope that all love will win in a world without hate, and that the meaning of this song will be conveyed without hurting anyone. “Starting today, we will continue teasing and promotions with the changed title,” he said.


IU became a hot topic by announcing her comeback as a singer in about 2 years and 1 month since December 2021. The title of her new song released by IU is & # 39; Love wins & # 39 ;. BTS V appeared in this music video, raising even more expectations.

IU’s new song ‘Love wins’ means ‘Love wins.’ IU said through the track intro, “Some people say this is an era of great hatred. It certainly doesn’t seem like a time when love is prevalent. In a gray world that becomes increasingly colder with visible hostility and indifference, it sometimes feels absurd to hope for victory using invisible love as a weapon.

However, from what I have experienced first-hand, hate is always alone even when the momentum is good. On the other hand, even though it runs away, breaks apart, and fades away, love stays together forever. He said, “Love has a good chance of winning,” and “It contains the story of those who try to love until the end in a world that hinders love.”


However, ‘Love wins’ is one of the representative slogan phrases used to promote the human rights of sexual minorities. It is also the representative phrase of the Queer Festival and the slogan raised by sexual minorities when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex marriage in 2015.

Accordingly, sexual minorities pointed out that ‘Love wins’, which has a special meaning, is used as a simple song title. If this phrase is consumed through IU’s song, the meaning of this phrase will fade. The concerns of sexual minorities have increased because it is a phrase that does not simply mean “love wins,” but has social and political meaning.

Accordingly, IU decided to change the title of her new song. Since then, IU has continued to promote the new song, which was changed to ‘Love wins all’.

Meanwhile, IU’s pre-released song ‘Love wins all’ will be released at 6 pm on the 24th.


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