Jeon Hye-jin, her first update since the death of the late Lee Seon-gyun, “Please do Jeon Hye-jin”, starting to return… Cheering wave [comprehensive]

Photo = Hodu&U Entertainment
Photo = Hodu&U Entertainment

[News Reporter Seulgi Lee]

As actress Jeon Hye-jin talks about her daily life, fans are pouring in their support.

On January 18, the agency, Hodu & U Entertainment, posted a photo and the following message on its official social media, “On a lazy afternoon, use Jeon Hye-jin to fight off drowsiness.”

In the photo, Jeon Hye-jin is sitting on the floor and tying the laces of her sneakers. Jeon Hye-jin’s appearance in ordinary daily life stands out. As she re-ties her shoelaces, she also conveys her anticipation of his new steps.

In response, netizens said, “I will.” “Thank you for the photo, sister.””I love you so much””Cheer up”He continued his support through comments such as:

Meanwhile, Jeon Hye-jin’s husband Lee Seon-gyun passed away on the 27th of last month. It has been two months since the controversy over her drug charges arose.

Last October, Lee Sun-kyun was investigated by the police on suspicion of taking drugs such as marijuana several times at the home of A, an employee of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul, since the beginning of this year. So far, he has been publicly summoned and investigated three times, and the results of a detailed hair analysis, including a simple reagent test, and a detailed test conducted after additional body hair collection, came back negative for drugs. Lee Sun-kyun has consistently denied allegations of drug use.

At the funeral hall of Seoul National University Hospital, where Lee Sun-kyun was sent, there was a steady stream of fellow actors and movie and drama officials. Colleagues visited the funeral one after another and quietly expressed their condolences.

While the bereaved family, including his wife, actress Jeon Hye-jin, guarded the funeral as chief mourners, Lee Sun-kyun entered his final state on the 29th. At the time of her funeral, Jeon Hye-jin held her second son’s hand and held a portrait photo of her father, following her first son’s steps as he stood in front of her. Jeon Hye-jin filled her husband’s final moments with her tears, arousing the sorrow of those who watched her.

Meanwhile, ‘Cross’, starring Jeon Hye-jin, which was scheduled to be released during the Lunar New Year holiday in February, decided to postpone its release date. ‘Cross’ (Director Lee Myung-hoon) is about former agent ‘Kang Moo’, who lives as a veteran housewife while hiding his past from his wife, and ‘Mi-seon’, an ace of the violent crime investigation team who misunderstands her husband’s secret, and gets caught up in a huge incident together. It is an entertainment action movie depicting a story.

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