Ji-hoon Kim “Casanova’s remarks, when he made a mistake and tarnished his image” (‘Nopaku’) [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Sun Mi-kyung] Actor Kim Ji-hoon explained the past ‘Casanova remarks’.

On the afternoon of the 18th, an episode of ‘Kim Ji-hoon, the psychopath prince who prefers his nickname to his real name’ was released on the YouTube channel ‘Nopaku Tak Jae-hoon’. Actor Kim Ji-hoon, who recently appeared in TV’s original ‘Lee Jae, I’m Dying Soon’, appeared and boasted a pleasant chemistry with Tak Jae-hoon.

On this day, Kim Ji-hoon attracted attention by mentioning the reason why he did not appear on entertainment shows because of Tak Jae-hoon. Shin Gyu-jin attracted attention by introducing Kim Ji-hoon and mentioning him as the ‘original Tak-line’. He said that he often appeared on programs with Tak Jae-hoon.


Tak Jae-hoon honestly said to Kim Ji-hoon, “Aren’t you good at entertainment?” and Kim Ji-hoon responded, “Tak Jae-hoon told me not to do entertainment because it wasn’t fun. Rather than feeling bad, I thought I was a really boring person. “He quit entertainment because he thought it would take away his image as an actor.”

At the same time, Kim Ji-hoon said, “I have known (Tak Jae-hoon) for more than 10 years, but I have never heard a compliment. “Why don’t you hate it?” he added, revealing his affection for Tak Jae-hoon.

Jihoon Kim also attracted attention by mentioning the fact that he received a lot of attention from overseas fans after appearing in the Netflix original ‘Paper House: Joint Economic Zone’. Tak Jae-hoon asked Kim Ji-hoon, “After appearing in ‘House of Paper,’ you’re getting messages from all over the world asking you to get married?” “That’s right,” Jihoon Kim said. “The two or three works I did recently were very popular in Brazil.” It is said that 80% of the messages and comments received from fans are from Brazilian fans.


Jihoon Kim also explained his past remarks on this day. Shin Gyu-jin said, “Ji-hoon Kim said, ‘I am in the style of Casanova Ryu Seung-ryong from the movie ‘All About My Wife.’ If you put your mind to it, you can make it come over. “I said, ‘I don’t date because I’m afraid I’ll get hurt,’” he said, leaving Kim Ji-hoon embarrassed.

Jihoon Kim responded, “It’s 2012. “I don’t remember, but it was a time when I was a bit immature,” he said. “It was a time when I made some mistakes and was damaging my own image. “I am reflecting,” he explained.

On this day, Kim Ji-hoon made people laugh with his honest remarks and special chemistry with Tak Jae-hoon. /seon@osen.co.kr

[Photo] Screen capture of ‘Nopaku Tak Jaehoon’ broadcast.

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