Jo Jung-seok, Shin Se-kyung appears as the Black Knight… Rabbit eyes ‘explosion of excitement’ (‘Sejak’)


[OSEN=Reporter Yoo Soo-yeon] ‘Sejak, The Bewitched’ Jo Jung-seok appears as Shin Se-kyung’s black knight amidst the threat of ‘villain’ Yang Kyung-won, making viewers’ hearts pound.

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Sejak, The Bewitched’ (directed by Cho Nam-guk/written by Kim Seon-deok/planned by Studio Dragon/produced by C-JeS), which will be aired for the first time on January 21 (Sunday), is about King Yi-in, who holds a high position but has a humble heart, and the quest to bring him down. A story depicting the cruel fate of a woman who became a spy. It is a fictional historical drama based on imagination, and is about a spy called ‘Sejak’, who hides his identity and secretly finds out secrets or situations and provides information. Director Jo Nam-guk, who was recognized for his solid directing skills with ‘The Model Detective’, and writer Kim Seon-deok, who started the legend of a well-made historical drama on tvN with ‘The Man Who Became King’, teamed up, and Jo Jung-seok and Shin Se-kyung play a role in the story of a deluded king and his heart. Expectations are high that the three works will depict a cruel narrative of fate.

Jo Jung-seok played the role of ‘Lee In’, a Hanryang flower prince born with the fate of the king, and Shin Se-kyung played the role of ‘Kang Hee-soo’, who became a spy to overthrow the king. He becomes a manghyeong Ji-woo through baduk, but later, after reuniting with the king as Sejak, he unfolds a cruel romance in which they hide their purpose and deceive each other in a palace filled with tricks. In addition, Yang Gyeong-won appears in the role of ‘Yoo Hyeon-bo’, a nobleman who will do anything for the sake of wealth and fame, and will play an active role as a villain of note, raising the tension of the play by engaging in a sharp confrontation with Shin Se-kyung.

Among these, in the released photo, Jo Jung-seok (playing the role of Prince Jinhan) attracts attention by claiming to be a black knight for Shin Se-kyung (playing the role of Kang Hee-soo) who is in crisis. In a sudden confrontation that takes place in the middle of the street, Jo Jung-seok’s charisma stands out as he immediately overpowers the gang of Yang Kyung-won (played by Yoo Hyeon-bo) who threatens Shin Se-kyung.

In particular, Jo Jung-seok attracts attention by showing his force to subdue Yang Kyung-won, who is chasing Shin Se-kyung, with his fierce eyes. As Jo Jung-seok, who stands up with his whole body to save Shin Se-kyung, who is in danger from the razor-sharp blade, steals the attention, the tough male charm of Jo Jeong-seok, the ‘Grand Prince Jinhan’ we have never seen before, thrills women’s hearts.

In addition, Shin Se-kyung arouses interest by opening her surprised rabbit eyes as if she had not expected Jo Jung-seok, who claimed to be the black knight, and his help. It raises curiosity as to what kind of development will lead to the fate of the two people who reunited fatefully in the middle of the street.

The production team of tvN’s ‘Sejak, The Bewitched’ said, “Jo Jung-seok and Shin Se-kyung continue their fateful meeting on the street without knowing each other’s identities.”They added, “Jo Jung-seok’s black knight performance to protect Shin Se-kyung from Yang Kyung-won’s threats and this serve as an opportunity. “Please watch the relationship between the two people as it changes.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘The Bewitched’ starring Jo Jung-seok and Shin Se-kyung will premiere on January 21 (Sunday) at 9:20 p.m. and will be specially scheduled for the first and second consecutive episodes.


[Photo] tvN

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