Kang Yul, after winning the grand prize, makes a surprise proposal to Han Ji-wan.. The evil ending of good luck (‘Elegant Empire’)


[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] ‘Elegant Empire’ ended with an ending of good and evil.

In the final episode of the KBS2 daily drama ‘Elegant Empire’ (written by Han Young-mi, directed by Park Ki-ho), Seo Hee-jae (Han Ji-wan) completed her revenge and found happiness.

Jang Ki-yoon (Lee Si-kang), whose evil deeds were revealed, died on the spot when his car overturned while running away, and Hong Hye-rim (Kim Seo-ra), who was sobbing while holding Ki-yoon, lost her eyesight when her car exploded. Tak Seong-gu (Lee Gyu-young), the henchman who dealt Ki-yoon a turning blow, confessed all his sins and surrendered.

After completing her long revenge, Hee-jae regains her original name, Shin Joo-kyung, which she had to abandon to prove her wrongful death, and takes on the position of new chairman of the merged company between Woowa Empire and NA Entertainment.

After a year passed, Chairman Jang Chang-seong (Namgyeong-eup) visited Hye-rim, who had lost her eyesight in addition to losing her eyesight, and extended a hand of reconciliation. Yang Hee-chan (played by Bang Hyeong-joo), who is in prison receiving payment for his crimes, has become a father and son who exchanges jokes with Jung Woo-hyuk (played by Kang Yul).

Oh Na-hee (Kim Ga-ran) and Jeong Su-ho (Kang Seong-hoon), who became a scintillating couple in the second half, were happy ahead of the birth of their second child, and Hwang Seong-il (Kwon Oh-hyun) showed his unchanging single-mindedness toward Jeong Jun-hee (Kim Mi-ra), filling the home theater with laughter and emotion. dyed

Meanwhile, Jacqueline (Son Seong-yoon), who suffered from nightmares due to guilt and longing for Na Seung-pil (Lee Sang-bo), who sacrificed generously for her, meets Seung-pil in her dream and goes back to her mother to keep her promise to “live more courageously than anyone else.”We chose to go to America together.

At the end of the video, Woohyuk’s thoughts on receiving the acting award were, “Now, I want to gain the courage to live not only as actor Jung Woohyuk, but also as a man responsible for a family,”and “Shin Joo-kyung! ‘Elegant Empire’ completed its 5-month long journey with a happy ending with a surprise proposal in front of the entire nation, saying, “Marry me.” /elnino8919@osen.co.kr

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