Kim Go-eun, who became a shaman after being ‘dismissed’, undergoes an extraordinary transformation by receiving private tutoring from a shaman

Still from the movie ‘Bamyo’
Still from the movie ‘Bamyo’
Still from the movie ‘Bamyo’
Still from the movie ‘Bamyo’

[News Reporter Bae Hyo-joo]

Kim Go-eun heralds the most unconventional transformation in the history of her filmography through ‘Family’.

The movie ‘The Tomb Digging’ (director Jang Jae-hyeon), which will be released in February, is an occult mystery film that tells the story of strange events that happen to a geomancer, undertaker, and shaman who received a large amount of money to move a suspicious tomb.

Kim Go-eun plays Hwarim, a shaman who appeases vengeful spirits, heralding a transformation never seen before. ‘Hwarim’ is a shaman who boasts the best skills in Korea at a young age, and is the person who opens the incident by suggesting the extermination of the grave to the geomancer ‘Sang-deok’ (Choi Min-sik) and the undertaker ‘Yeong-geun’ (Yu Hae-jin).

Kim Go-eun said, “Because it is a role that shows professionalism, I put a lot of effort into getting used to it so as not to look clumsy. She received the shaman teacher’s personal number, so she contacted her frequently and even visited her at her home. “For the exorcism scene, she searched for videos and rehearsed several times to perfect the details,” she said, raising expectations for a passionate performance that melts into the character itself. (Photo = Provided by Showbox)

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