Kim Tae-ri’s reading of the ‘Alien + Human’ worldview… Part 2 opening revealed

Provided by CJ ENM
Provided by CJ ENM

[News Reporter Bae Hyo-joo]

‘Alien+Human’ The uncut opening clip of the main part of Part 2 has been released and is garnering attention from prospective audiences.

The second part of the movie ‘Alien + Human’ (Director Choi Dong-hoon) is a film that depicts the story of humans and gurus trying to save everyone by returning to the future while hidden secrets are revealed in the fierce battle for the new sword.

The opening uncut clip of the main part of Part 2 summarizes the contents of Part 1 and focuses attention with the addition of narration by ‘Ian’ (Kim Tae-ri), who feels the will to return to the future to save everyone.

In a situation where the Earth is in danger due to the prison escape of the prisoners’ leader ‘Designer’ and the explosion of Hava, ‘Guard’ (Kim Woo-bin) and ‘Thunder’ head to the Goryeo Dynasty with the remaining alien prisoners to prevent the explosion of Hava. Young ‘Ian’. Here, the ‘Guard’ is destroyed and the ‘Thunder’ stops working.

‘Ian’, who needs to find a new sword to return to the future, is joined by the idiotic guru ‘Mureuk’ (Ryu Jun-yeol), the two immortals of Samgaksan Mountain, ‘Heukseol’ (Yeom Jeong-ah) and ‘Cheongun’ (Cho Woo-jin), and the alien prisoner trapped in the past, ‘Jajang’ (Kim Eui-seong)) gets his hands on the new sword after a fierce battle for the new sword, and sets out to find ‘Thunder’ and the airship.

With 48 minutes left until the Hava explosion, the video raises expectations about whether ‘Ian’ will be able to arrive in the future to stop the explosion and save everyone. You can feel director Choi Dong-hoon’s detailed consideration in editing for Part 2, and at the same time, he clearly summarizes the plot of Part 1, attracting interest.

Both audiences who have watched Part 1 for a long time and those who have not watched Part 1 are said to have increased their immersion from the start of the movie due to the narration by ‘Ian’ in the opening of Part 2, adding that ‘Alien+Human’ It further heightens curiosity about Part 2. (Photo = CJ ENM)

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