Lee Ha-nui, puts on a mustache and changes into men’s clothing…even takes over comics [Flowers that bloom at night]

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/Photo = MBC 'Flowers that bloom at night'
/Photo = MBC ‘Flowers that bloom at night’

In the drama ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’, Lee Ha-nui carries out a secret strategy.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ to be aired on the 20th (Planned by Namgoong Voice Actor/Produced by Kim Jeong-mi/Directed by Jang Tae-yu, Choi Jeong-in, Lee Chang-woo/Written by Lee Sam, Jeong Myeong-in/Produced by Base Story, Film Draw, Saram Entertainment) In episode 4, the scene of Jo Yeo-hwa (played by Lee Ha-nui) infiltrating undercover is depicted.

In the previous 3rd episode, while Yeo-hwa went to a slum to search for her grandmother, she learned that Man-sik (played by Woo Kang-min) and his group had come to capture the grandmother’s granddaughter, signaling the beginning of a new incident. The audience rating for the third episode rose to 11% in the metropolitan area (provided by Nielsen Korea), ranking first among all programs as well as Friday-Saturday dramas. In addition, the 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator of channel competitiveness, also recorded 3%, proving its hot topic.

In episode 4, Yeo-hwa transforms into a scholar and infiltrates Phil Yeo-gak undercover. She senses that her case is related to her grandmother and her granddaughter whom she met in the slums, and struggles to uncover it, even going as far as to cover her up.

Meanwhile, Yeo-hwa discovers suspicious activity within Yeo-gak. The moment she tries to get closer to the scene where the movement was captured, a man approaches her and asks her about her identity. Just before she gets caught, she uses her comical instincts to defuse the situation. I wonder if Yeo-hwa will be able to uncover the truth of the incident without being discovered.

‘Flowers that bloom at night’ The production team said, “Lee Honey pulled off the cross-dressing perfectly. Not only her external appearance, but also her unique slyness and delicious acting made the atmosphere on set extremely good, and that atmosphere will be conveyed to the home theater. “Please enjoy watching the ever-changing activities of Lee Ha-nui, who doesn’t know where she will go.”

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