Lee Jeong-eun “I was offered the role of a pig in ‘Okja’ when I was big, but I misunderstood” (Yo Jeong-jae-hyung)

(Capture of Fairy Jaehyung)
(Capture of Fairy Jaehyung)

[News Reporter Seo Seung-ah]

Actress Lee Jeong-eun revealed the behind-the-scenes moments of her appearance in director Bong Joon-ho’s movie ‘Okja’.

On the 21st, a video titled ‘Hyori, your acting teacher is here!!!!’ was posted on singer Jeong Jae-hyung’s channel ‘Fairy Jae-hyung’. In the video, actress Lee Jeong-eun appeared as a guest and was seen having a meal and talking with singer Jeong Jae-hyung.

On this day, Lee Jeong-eun shared the reason why she played the voice of a pig in the movie ‘Okja’. Lee Jeong-eun said, “Before we met for ‘Okja,’ she auditioned for a piece called ‘Mother.’ “We met secretly a few years later, saying she had a script to show me,” she said.

Lee Jeong-eun also said, “I heard there was a pig role. Is this a woman raising pigs? Is going to America a road movie? I wanted to. There was a pig role there and they asked me to play it. I was a bit big back then. “I wondered how to act like a pig,” he recalled at the time.

In addition, Lee Jeong-eun said, “(Director Bong Joon-ho) always makes unusual movies, so wouldn’t it be nice to have something like ‘Monster’? He said watch what senior Oh Dal-su does. He plays the role of a monster so passionately in the recording studio. So this time, Jeong-eun asked if she could play this role. “Dal-su did it too, and I thought there was nothing I couldn’t do,” he said. “I asked him, ‘But how do you make the sound of a pig?’ and he said he thought I would do it anyway. But I think director Bong Joon-ho has that kind of charm. He makes something happen. Seduce people. “It gives me the feeling that something interesting will happen if I work with this person,” he explained.

Lee Jeong-eun also said, “The only thing I worked hard to prepare was to look for large animals. I went to the zoo and heard the sound of hippos. He wanted to become friends with pigs, so he even went to an organic farm. “I became close to your daughter and became close to the pig as we moved in and out smoothly,” he said. “Another thing is that it has emotions, so making pig noises is not important, but you have to express what the pig is feeling.” This is no joke. I passed on. So I tried everything in the recording studio. “I also filmed a scene where I felt sorry for hitting someone while slipping.”

Next, Lee Jeong-eun said, “In addition to the voice, I also made a brief appearance at that time. The only scene where Okja comes running is me being surprised from the other side. Still, they had to keep a record of it, so they told me to do it. Still, I was grateful for having me appear in that way,” he said, expressing his gratitude to director Bong Joon-ho. (Photo = ‘Fairy Jaehyeong’ capture)

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