“Lee Se-young, MBC’s daughter”… ‘Mr. Park’ PD’s confidence [Interview M]

‘Park’s contract marriage ceremony’ Producer Park Sang-hoon heaped praise on actress Lee Se-young, who played the lead role.

iMBC entertainment news photo
iMBC entertainment news photo

Recently, PD Park Sang-hoon met with iMBC Entertainment at a cafe near the MBC building in Sangam, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Yeol-nyeo Park’s Contract Marriage’ (written by Ko Nam-jeong, directed by Park Sang-hoon, planned by Jang Jae-hoon and Kim Seong-wook, hereinafter ‘Yeol-nyeo Park). ‘) An interview was conducted to commemorate the end of the show.

‘Mr. Park’is a golden contract marriage story between Park Yeon-woo (Lee Se-young), a 19th century lustful Confucian girl who overcame death and arrived in Korea in 2023, and Kang Tae-ha (Bae In-hyuk), an emotionless king of the 21st century. It’s a green drama. A work based on the web novel of the same name, ‘The Contract Marriage of Yeolnyeo Park'(Writer Kim Neo-ul)’

Producer Park Sang-hoon, now in his 17th year, has previously appeared on MBC in dramas such as ‘Jang Bori Here’, ‘Self-Luminous Office’, ‘Terius Behind Me’ There is a history of directing, etc.

Filming ended in November, but since he was concentrating on post-production work, PD Park said, “I had to fall in love with ‘virtuous woman Park’ until the very end,” and a satisfied smile appeared on his face. That’s right, following his previous film ‘Terius Behind Me’, his directing films have been successful one after another. ‘Mr. Park’ The final episode’s viewership rating was 9.3% (Nielsen Korea’s nationwide standard), achieving a successful conclusion.

iMBC entertainment news photo
iMBC entertainment news photo

The star of the box office hit was definitely Lee Se-young, who played the title role. When the production team looked at the original webtoon and web novel, the synchronization between Lee Se-young and the character was so high that they could not think of anyone else.

“The original writer also said that the synchronization rate is high. Lee Se-young became the illustration model. After the script came out, she passed it on to Lee Se-young, who also liked the script and she responded quickly, which surprised us. During our meeting, she was deeply into Park Yeon-woo. She had only been receiving the script for a few days. “I thought she had a good fit with this actor.”

‘Kairos’, ‘red sleeves’ And even ‘Mr. Yeolnyeo Park’. Lee Se-young, who has done her outstanding work on MBC, has also earned the title “She is MBC’s daughter.” She also expressed her desire to work with Lee Se-young further if the opportunity arises.

I know that PD Park had a hard time preparing for “red sleeves”. I really wanted it to go well, so I gave various opinions. “My liking for Lee Se-young grew after seeing that the work did well,” he said. “Before that, she showed a perfect performance in ‘Kairos,’ and many seniors who saw her acting like that worked with a great actor like Lee Se-young.” He said, “He gave me a recommendation that it would be good to do it.”

At the same time, he expressed his wish, saying, “There is a feeling that some actors fit perfectly into one broadcasting company, and I think Lee Se-young was MBC’s daughter, and I hope she will continue to be MBC’s daughter.”

‘Veight Lady Park’, which featured the passionate performances of Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk, ended on the 6th with 12 episodes.

iMBC Baek Seung-hoon | Photo provided by MBC

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