“Let’s follow history”… Losing public support, the ‘Goryeo Khitan War’, the key is this week [MD Focus]

'Goryeo Khitan War' / Provided by KBS, My Daily Photo DB
‘Goryeo Khitan War’ / Provided by KBS, My Daily Photo DB

[My Daily = Reporter Seung-gil Lee] The ‘Goryeo Khitan War’, which was doing well, giving actor Choi Soo-jong his fourth acting award, is taking a turn for the worse. It was not the Khitan Army that was holding back, but the controversy over completeness. It doesn’t take long to change the hearts of shaken viewers.

KBS 2TV epic drama ‘Goryeo Khitan War’ is about Emperor Hyeonjong (Kim Dong-jun) of Goryeo, who united Goryeo with tolerant leadership and led the war against the Khitans to victory, and Kang Gam-chan (Choi Soo-jong), his political mentor and commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army.) is a work that tells the story of

'Goryeo Khitan War' / Provided by KBS, My Daily Photo DB
‘Goryeo Khitan War’ / Provided by KBS, My Daily Photo DB

Until the beginning, the reviews were all positive. Even with limited production costs, the directing and actors’ passionate performances caught the eye of fans of traditional historical dramas, and received praise as “it proved the value of the license fee after a long time.”However, in recent episodes, the strong public sentiment of viewers is shaking.

‘Goryeo Khitan War’ aired on the 14th. Episode 18 featured the story of King Hyeonjong, who returned to Gaegyeong after the second war, pushing for local reforms, and his subjects, including Gang Gam-chan, revolted. In particular, at the end of the broadcast, a scene was depicted in which Hyunjong, who had a conflict with Kang Gam-chan, could not bear his anger and suffered a falling horse accident while driving his horse.

Viewers complained about unnecessary developments and Hyunjong’s character falling apart. Not only viewers but also the original author came forward to criticize. ‘Goryeo Khitan War’ Gil Seung-soo, who wrote the original novel, left an article on his blog on the 15th titled, “Episode 16, After Yang-gyu’s Death, the Original Content,”and said, “Hyeonjong’s overhaul of the local system (in the original work)) appears, but it is not depicted as a severe conflict like in the drama,” he said. “And of course, the ‘Goryeo Khitan War’ He pointed out this part, saying, “Hyeonjong’s falling from a horse, depicted in episode 18, is not in the original story.”

Writer Gil also voiced strong criticism through comments. “I was really shocked when I saw episode 18. In response to one netizen’s comment, “I was so disappointed,”he expressed sympathy by saying, “I hope the script will get better in the future.”

In addition, “It was like a web novel, not a historical drama” , “Until episode 16, it was moving within the framework of history and the original work, but now it’s flying somewhere” , “I was fully aware of the historical facts and received enough advice.” I should have written the script, but I don’t think I was familiar with it enough. There was also criticism that “the person who can be considered the most famous soldier in Korean history was turned into a fool.”

At the same time, “After the script writer was replaced, I did not receive any advice other than the battle scenes, so I do not know the exact internal situation. It seems that the script writer is deliberately trying to avoid the original work and write his own work. As he tries to avoid the original work, he also avoids the history within it when writing. I hope you write with a sense of responsibility. He appealed, “I hope the drama will escape from being third-rate.”

The 19th episode on the 20th, which airs after a tumultuous week of controversy, will depict a confrontation between the forces trying to impeach Kim Eun-bu (Cho Seung-yeon) and Hyeonjong, who has regained consciousness. “If King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty had been described this way, there would have been a real uproar. “It’s fortunate if it can be resolved within two weeks, but I don’t know what will happen if it takes longer than that.” It is time to reflect on the original author’s advice, “There is no need to follow the original, but let’s follow history.”

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