‘Lighting store’ Disney+ confirmed to be released, ‘Moving’ The birth of the Kangful Universe that connects

'Lighting store' Production crew and cast / Photo = Provided by each agency
‘Lighting store’ Production crew and cast / Photo = Provided by each agency

[Seoul Economic Daily]

It has been confirmed that ‘Lighting Store’, based on the webtoon of the same name by author Kang Full, will be released on Disney+.

On the 19th, Disney+ announced that it will exclusively release another Kangful universe, ‘Lighting Store’, following the original series ‘Moving’, which was loved around the world.

‘Lighting Store’ is the 5th work in the ‘Mystery Psychology’ series by author Kang Full, and has surpassed 150 million cumulative views. It is a webtoon of the same name that has been praised and loved by many readers. It is based on ;Lighting Store’. This Disney+ original series ‘Lighting Store’ As expected from ‘Moving’, writer Kang Full wrote the script himself. In addition, actor Kim Hee-won, who has shown dense acting and amazing expressiveness in numerous movies and dramas, including the role of Choi Il-hwan, Jeongwon High School’s homeroom teacher in ‘Moving’, is taking on the challenge of directing his first series.

Ju Ji-hoon, Park Bo-young, Bae Seong-woo, Eom Tae-gu, Kim Seol-hyun, Lee Jeong-eun, Kim Min-ha, Park Hyuk-kwon, Kim Dae-myeong, Shin Eun-soo, Kim Seon-hwa, and Kim Ki-hae will join as the main characters who will open the Kangful Universe together. Drama ‘Kingdom’ Series and movie ‘Along with the Gods’ Joo Ji-hoon, who captivated domestic and foreign fans with parts 1 and 2 and became a 10 million actor, appeared in the movie ‘Concrete Utopia’ and the drama ‘Morning Comes Even in the Psychiatric Ward’ Park Bo-young, who is continuously expanding her acting field through films such as

Following Disney+’s original series ‘Moving’, which was loved by viewers around the world, ‘Lighting Store’, which heralds a new world in Kangfull Universe, is already attracting the attention of many people. It is attracting attention as the most anticipated work. In particular, expectations are being raised on how ‘Lighting Store”s unique world view and mysterious atmosphere will be portrayed.

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