‘Marriage Announcement’ Jo Se-ho, his ideal type is ‘tall and pretty’ Women [Comprehensive]


[TV Report = Reporter Yoo So-yeon] While broadcaster Jo Se-ho revealed that he is preparing to marry a non-celebrity girlfriend, his ideal type, which he revealed in the past, is also being spotlighted.

Jo Se-ho revealed his ideal type on ‘Running Man’, which aired in 2022. Jo Se-ho said, “I like beautiful women,” and, “I’m short, so it would be nice to have someone a little taller.” He showed his cool side by saying, “Even though I was actually 178cm tall, I flirted with him and even held his hand,”and, “What if I look up?”

Jo Se-ho made people laugh by saying, “I wanted to kiss the 178 cm tall woman on the forehead, so I went up a flight of stairs and turned around, but she was small,” and “I broke down a little there.”

At the same time, Jo Se-ho confessed his inner ideal type, saying that he likes cheerful and bright people.

On the 22nd, an official from Jo Se-ho’s agency, A2Z Entertainment, said, “Jo Se-ho is in a relationship with an office worker who is 9 years older than him on the premise of marriage. “She said she wants to get married within this year,” he said.

Jo Se-ho’s girlfriend was born in 1991 and is 32 years old this year. He was known as a man of wealth who possessed both outstanding beauty and intelligence.


Meanwhile, Jo Se-ho expressed his curiosity about marriage through ‘You Quiz on the Block’ in December last year, raising marriage rumors. He said, “Many people wonder how far wedding invitations should be delivered when they get married,” and Yoo Jae-seok sharply asked, “Why are you curious about that? Why are you suddenly talking about wedding invitations?”

Jo Se-ho debuted in November 2001 as a comedian from the 6th SBS open recruitment. After his debut, he continued to use the stage name Cabbage, but in 2022, he abandoned the stage name and began working under his real name, Jo Se-ho. Jo Se-ho has ‘Amazing Competition Stocking’, ‘Infinite Challenge’, ‘What do you do when you play?’, ‘Bro & Marvel’ He made his face known to viewers by appearing in various entertainment programs such as.

Reporter Yoo So-yeon ysy@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = TV Report DB, ‘You Quiz on the Block’

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