Melomance Kim Min-seok’s solo comeback after 5 years… February 1 ‘Flashback’ Announcement [Official]

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/Photo provided by Abyss Company
/Photo provided by Abyss Company

Melomance Kim Min-seok makes a solo comeback after 5 years.

Kim Min-seok will release his second mini-album ‘Throwback’ through major music sites at 6pm on February 1 and make a solo comeback.

‘Reminiscence’ is the first mini album ‘Cinema’ released in September 2019. This is a solo album released about 5 years later.

The teaser image released on the 18th contains Kim Min-seok’s appearance along with the title and release date of ‘Reminiscence’.

The calm and emotional atmosphere raised expectations for the new album with a unique charm that was different from the bright appearance that had been prevalent so far.

Kim Min-seok is active in the group Melomance with Jeong Dong-hwan, ‘Gift’, ‘Fairy Tale’ He released several hit songs, including: He is loved by many fans as an all-round player with outstanding live skills, as well as playing, writing, and composing skills, to the point where he is often referred to as ‘the genre is melomance’.

Also, ‘Confession of Drunkenness’. ‘With you’ By releasing various solo songs, she is attracting attention as a singer-songwriter with unrivaled sensibility.

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