‘My Demon’ is about to end. Song Kang, Kim Yoo-jung is saved and destroyed… Is there a happy ending today (20th)? [Comprehensive]

'My Demon' / SBS broadcast screen capture
‘My Demon’ / SBS broadcast screen capture

[My Daily = Reporter Seung-gil Lee] ‘My Demon’ Song Kang saved Kim Yoo-jung and chose to disappear.

The SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Demon’ aired on the 19th. In episode 15, the ‘devil’ Gu-won (Song Kang) saved Do-hee (Kim Yu-jeong) from being shot by Noh Seok-min (Kim Tae-hoon), leading to an unexpected farewell. The salvation involved in human life and death spontaneously combusted and disappeared. Do Do-hee’s sobs as she held onto the salvation that turned into black ash and disappeared brought tears to the eyes of viewers.


On this day, Guwon cleaned up his surroundings to leave. This is because he thought that his very existence as a ‘demon’ who leads humans to hell led Do Do-hee to misfortune. Guwon left the cross necklace with the ‘Seonwol Foundation’ to Park Bok-gyu (Heo Jeong-do) and left, hoping for Do Do-hee’s happiness. Meanwhile, Do Hee returned to her normal daily life. However, the aftereffects of the breakup were stronger than expected. I pretended like nothing was wrong, but I couldn’t hide my empty heart. The house without Gu-Gu was quiet, and my daily life, filled with memories of him, suddenly reminded me of Gu-Gu.

The longing for the empty space of salvation grew. Do Do-hee felt like Gu-won was constantly hovering around her. He thought this was also an aftereffect of the breakup, but in fact, Guwon was always by Do Do-hee’s side. He watched Do Do-hee on his way home and filled him with warmth every night so that he could sleep comfortably.

Do Hee lived a harsh life, immersed in work. I started torturing myself again so that I had no time to even think about salvation. Sin Sin-seo (played by Seo Jeong-yeon), who could not help but watch Do Do-hee spend her days working overtime every day, said that time does not heal her by running away, and comforted her by saying, “I am in enough pain and suffering, and I need to spend time faithful to my feelings.” . In the end, when the song ‘Only You’ happened to be playing on her way home from work, Do Do-hee burst out the emotions she had been holding back. Do-hee Do-hee, who was filled with longing for salvation and remembered the day when they danced the blues together to the song, headed to the Sunwol Foundation.

Do Hee confessed her true feelings to Park Bok Gyu. Seeing Do Do-hee suffering and blaming herself, Park Bok-gyu gave her a ‘cross necklace’, saying it would help her when she longs for salvation. Do Do-hee fell asleep with the necklace around her neck, and the ‘cross necklace’, which contained the heart of ‘Wolsim (Kim Yu-jeong)’, reminded Do Do-hee of her past life memories. Do Do-hee’s heart broke when she realized that the identity of Wol-sim in her memories from her time as a human being was herself, and that it was Lee Seon (Song Kang) who saved Wol-sim, who had decided to kill her.

After awakening, Do Do-hee left home straight away to meet Gu-won. But an unexpected crisis awaited him. Noh Seok-min (Kim Tae-hoon), whose life or death was unknown as his body had not been found for a week, snuck into Do Do-hee’s car. Noh Seok-min’s appearance was shocking. Half of his face was burned and erased so that salvation could not be found. Noh Seok-min tried to summon salvation by taking Do-hee hostage. Just as she was about to stab Dodohee with a sword, her salvation appeared. Noh Seok-min, who knew that killing a human being destroys the devil, further stimulated salvation. Guwon went on a rampage as if he was going to kill Noh Seok-min, and Do Hee held him back by hugging him. Only then did Guwon, with her anger calmed down, come to her senses and face Dodohee.

The two people are relieved to hold each other in their arms as much as they missed each other. At that time, the sound of a gun being loaded was heard from somewhere. While Guwon was looking at Do Do-hee, Noh Seok-min pointed a gun at them. With the sound of a gun being fired, Do Do-hee collapsed helplessly and Gu-won despaired. Guan Gu immediately chose to sacrifice himself. As I kissed Dodo Hee as if breathing her breath into her, Dodo Hee opened her eyes. Guwon slowly began to speak out after saying “You saved me,” and the sight of Do Do-hee sobbing as if she had lost the world while holding on to him who instantly turned into black ash broke her heart and raised curiosity about the ending. I ordered it.

‘My Demon’ The final episode will be aired at 9:50 PM on the 20th.

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