‘My Demon’ Kim Yoo-jeong “It’s just back to normal”… ‘bittersweet’ in Song Kang’s empty place.


(Xports News Reporter Oh Soo-jeong) In ‘My Demon’, Kim Yoo-jung felt bitter thinking about Song Kang leaving.

The SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Demon’ aired on the 19th. In episode 15, Do Do-hee (played by Kim Yoo-jung) recalled Gu-won (Song Kang) leaving.


On this day, Do Hee did not even eat lunch and was only focused on work. Joo Seok-hoon (Lee Sang-i), who knew this would happen, visited Do Do-hee with lunch and took care of her.

Joo Seok-hoon asked Do Hee, “Did Jeong Gu-won really leave?” and Do Hee said, “The contract is just over.” From the beginning, I decided to catch the culprit, and Jeong Gu-won would stay with me until I got my tattoo back. “It’s just gone back to the way it was,” he said bitterly.

Shin Sin-seo (Seo Jeong-yeon) and Park Bok-gyu (Heo Jeong-do) were also worried about Do Do-hee. Park Bok-gyu said, “It will take time. Love may be short, but separation is long. He said, “Please take good care of Shin Sin-seo.”

Photo = SBS broadcast screen

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