‘My Demon’ Kim Yoo-jung, tears at Song Kang’s declaration of breakup…”Save you from hell”


[Sports Chosun.com Reporter Jeong An-ji] ‘My Demon’ Will Kim Yoo-jung and Song Kang accept their heartbreaking fate?

In the SBS ‘My Demon’ broadcast on the 19th, Do Do-hee (played by Kim Yu-jung) and Gu-won (played by Song Kang) were depicted breaking up.

On this day, Do Hee said, “Shall we finish our Christmas tree today?” “I need to make a reservation for the couple set that I couldn’t eat last time,” he said. Then Guwon said, “I don’t think I can spend Christmas together.” He said goodbye, saying, “Do Do-hee, save you from hell.” With that, he let go of Do-hee, who was holding him, and left.

In the last broadcast, the secret of Do Do-hee’s parents’ death, which was intertwined with salvation, was revealed. Do Do-hee says that her father (played by Kim Young-jae) is & # 39; the devil & # 39; She was shocked to discover that it was her contract of salvation, and she bid her farewell to her Dodo-hee, a savior who accepted her own nature and destiny as a ‘demon’.

Do-hee, who was left alone, shed tears as she looked at the place where Gu-won had left. Do Hee said, “Spring has already begun underground in October, when the chilly wind begins to blow and the cold winter begins. But that also means that while the beautiful spring with cherry blossoms is blooming, winter has already begun in the ground,” he said. “Even in the happy moments with you, perhaps our separation had already begun?”

The next day, ‘Seonwol Foundation’ Director Park Bok-gyu (played by Heo Jeong-do) said, “It feels empty. He was the chairman of the board who was always out and about and didn’t stick around anyway, but he missed salvation, saying, “

Previously, Guwon said, “Chief Park is the chairman of the Sunwol Foundation from now on,” and “CEO.” He handed me a nameplate. Salvation says, “I’ll be gone for a while.” Until then, please take good care of the Sunwol Foundation. “Until Do Do-hee gets a happy ending without me,” he said, organizing his surroundings.


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