‘My Demon’ Song Kang, “I will leave until Kim Yoo-jung gets a happy ending without me.”


[SBS Entertainment News | [Editor Kim Hyo-jeong] Can Kim Yoo-jeong get a happy ending without Song Kang?

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Demon’, which aired on the 19th, Do Do-hee broke up with Jeong Gu-won.

On this day, Do Hee spent each day like the past after breaking up with Jeong Gu Won.

At the same time, Do Hee said, “In October, when the chilly wind begins to blow and the cold winter begins, spring has already begun underground. But that also means that the beautiful spring with cherry blossoms has already begun winter beneath the earth.” He said. “Even in the moments when I was happy with you, perhaps our separation had already begun,” he said, trying to accept the separation from Jeong Gu-won that seemed like fate.

And Jeong Gu-won entrusted the Sunwol Foundation to Director Park. Director Park was worried about Jeong Gu-won, asking what was going on.

Jeong Gu-won said, “I’m just going to leave for a while.” “Until then, please take care of Seonwol,” he said, smiling.

And when asked how long he would be gone, he drew attention by wishing Do Hee happiness, saying, “Until Do Do Hee gets a happy ending without me.”

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