‘My golden boy’ A mother tired of her twins crying repeatedly [TV Spoiler]

My baby is like gold / Photo = Channel A My baby is like gold
My baby is like gold / Photo = Channel A My baby is like gold

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon] In ‘My Golden Baby,’ a mother who was tired of raising twins asked for help.

In the Channel A entertainment program ‘Parenting These Days – My Golden Baby’, which airs on the 19th, the story of ‘stubborn 4-year-old twin daughters and their burnt-out mother’ will be revealed.

On this day, a couple raising twin 4-year-old daughters appears in the studio. The cute identical twins, who looked just like their mother and father, looked adorable for a while, but they started getting irritated and throwing tantrums, and once they started crying, they couldn’t stop, so their daily life became a sea of ​​tears. The reason for the twins’ crying will be revealed through this broadcast.

In the pre-released video, the twins and the couple visiting the hospital stand out. She is the twin sister who starts crying and throwing tantrums, asking if she needs anything. Her mother looks like she is busy trying to comfort her child who is crying and making a fuss in the hospital, where there are many other people. Meanwhile, her twin sister is absorbed in looking at her phone while riding on her father’s back, paying no heed to her older sister’s crying. She asked to see her cell phone as well, and asked Geum-Jeok, “Do you want me to take it away from what her twin sister is looking at?” okay. “I’ll take it away from you,” she says, and we can see her mother trying to stop her crying in a wrong way.

In the end, the couple tries to diffuse the situation by giving the child a cell phone as he or she wants. As a result, the child stops crying only after receiving the cell phone. Dr. Oh, who was watching this, is said to have accurately pointed out the problem with the couple’s parenting style, raising curiosity about what the problem Dr. Oh is talking about is.

In the following video, twin sisters are seen getting into a car for a move. It looks like it would be very difficult to even travel by car. Mom and Dad don’t know what to do between twin sisters who burst into tears and throw a tantrum even before they leave. The mother says they should just leave because the children cannot calm down no matter how hard they try, and the father says they can’t go on like this. The mother, unable to bear the constant crying of her children, ends up taking out her cell phone again.

The twins became quiet only after playing a YouTube video. In response to children constantly looking for videos, Dr. Oh asks, “Approximately how many hours do they watch videos a day?” The panelists are all shocked by her mother’s shocking answer. In response, Dr. Oh expresses concern, saying, “Excessive media exposure can cause serious problems.”

It’s the golden one that cries all day long. There is even a story of a mother who says that raising children is difficult because of the children who cry and throw tantrums. You can find out whether Geumjjokne will be able to stop crying and become full of laughter today, the 19th at 8 PM on Channel A.

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon ent@stoo.com]

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