‘Nasol Four Seasons’ 11th class Oksoon, bread ticket says, “What’s the problem with me? I have a hard time with men’s hearts.” [TV capture]

Nasol Four Seasons/ Photo = SBS Plus Nasol Four Seasons
Nasol Four Seasons/ Photo = SBS Plus Nasol Four Seasons

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon] ‘Nasol Four Seasons’ Man No. 1, who was a popular man, chose the 14th Oksun.

The members’ selection was made on SBS Plus’ ‘Nasol Four Seasons’, which aired on the night of the 18th.

On this day’s broadcast, as male number 4 showed interest in 11th class Ok-soon, Ok-sun showed expectations about the selection of the male. The 14th class Ok-sun also showed interest in Male No. 4.

Male No. 4 chose Oksun of the 14th class, and Oksun of the 11th class could not hide his disappointment. 11th class Ok-sun said, “I thought each person would sit next to each other like a salty person, and No. 4 would sit next to me, but that wasn’t the case. I was embarrassed and wanted to disappear. I thought I had changed, but the result was the same. Men’s hearts are unpredictable, so they don’t suit me. “I don’t like uncertain things,” he responded.

11th class Ok Sun-eun said, “What’s really the problem with me?” I need to study. “My aunt and the elders told me not to go out,” she informed. In response, Oksun of the 9th class said, “It is too early to jump to conclusions.” It’s the first day. “It gives her meaning so she doesn’t fall into the swamp,” she comforted.

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon ent@stoo.com]

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