‘Nasol Four Seasons’ Male No. 1, 14th class Oksun selected “She’s cute, but her height is disappointing” [TV capture]

Nasol Four Seasons / Photo = SBS Plus Nasol Four Seasons
Nasol Four Seasons / Photo = SBS Plus Nasol Four Seasons

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon] ‘Nasol Four Seasons’ Man No. 1, who was a popular man, chose the 14th Oksun.

The members’ selection was made on SBS Plus’ ‘Nasol Four Seasons’, which aired on the night of the 18th.

On this day’s broadcast, male number 1, who was popular with women, chose the 14th class Oksun in his first choice.

The panelists were surprised by the unexpected choice of male No. 1, who had said that the standard was 165 cm or higher. Male No. 1 is “cute. But he is short. He explained, “I look good, I live in Seoul, everything is fine, but there’s one thing that matters is my height.”

Defcon responded by saying, “It’s kind of funny how you measure your height.” Kyungri and Jo Hyun-ah said, “You can be tall by wearing heels.”

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon ent@stoo.com]

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