“Now it begins” B1A4 successfully completes comeback showcase after 2 years

RBW, WM Entertainment
RBW, WM Entertainment

Group B1A4 (B1A4) has signaled a spectacular comeback.

B1A4 released its 8th mini album ‘Connect’ on the 8th and held the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. A comeback showcase was held. This showcase was simultaneously broadcast live offline as well as through the official YouTube and Weverse channels to engage with fans all over the world.

On this day, B1A4 performed many songs including the title song of ‘Connect’ and many other songs to the public. The showcase was filled with a variety of compositions, from a variety of stages including beloved hit songs to honest and witty talks about the new album and fans.

The b-side song ‘Connect’ ‘Facing You After Time’ B1A4, who opened the showcase, looked at the fans and said, “It’s been a long time since I saw the light stick shining on stage, I’m moved to tears.” He continued, “I had a dream of meeting the fans and showing them the stage in person, and I think that’s why I’m even more excited about it. I missed you. “I think today is going to be a really happy day,” he said, after exchanging heartfelt greetings with fans he hadn’t seen in a long time and then giving a talk about the album.

This talk was about the object of the album, the title song ‘Rewind’ and It was carried out using cassette tapes, a symbolic connecting item. The members randomly selected cassette tapes with the titles of the songs included in this album to introduce the songs, performed some of the new songs live, or performed challenge choreography directly, drawing a warm response from fans. In addition, after the end of the corner, cassette tapes were given to fans through a drawing, giving them precious memories.

Afterwards, B1A4 performed the title song ‘Rewind’, written and composed by member CNU, and said, “For us, Meeting the fans itself felt like a dream. “This title song was created with the desire to go into a dream where I can meet my fans even if I turn back time,” he said, leaving a touching impression.

B1A4 said, “We’re celebrating our 13th anniversary soon, and we’re thrilled. It’s new, and I feel like a lot of time has passed. So we put even more effort into making this album. “I hope this album will be like a gift to the fans,” he said. “It’s our 13th anniversary, but we still have a lot more to do, and I feel like this is just the beginning. “I hope you will continue to move forward with us in the future.” I expressed my heart. In particular, after the stage was over, they prepared a surprise event where the members personally called out the names of all the fans who attended the showcase, impressing people once again. Starting with ‘Down’, activities begin in earnest.Reporter Kim Won-hee kimwh@kyunghyang.com

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