Ok Taecyeon transforms into Santa at fan meeting… Sending off the audience and giving gifts

Photo = Taecyeon Ok, provided by 51K
Photo = Taecyeon Ok, provided by 51K
Photo = Taecyeon Ok, provided by 51K
Photo = Taecyeon Ok, provided by 51K
Photo = Taecyeon Ok, provided by 51K
Photo = Taecyeon Ok, provided by 51K

[News Reporter Hwang Hye-jin]

Singer and actor Taecyeon Ok successfully concluded his solo fan meeting.

Ok Taecyeon held a fan meeting ‘Lonely Okcat’s Christmas’ at Ilji Art Hall in Seoul on December 23 and 24, 2023.

This fan meeting was an even more meaningful time for domestic fans who had been waiting to meet Taecyeon Ok in that it was held after the Asian tour.

Ok Taecyeon, who appeared singing Christmas carols amidst enthusiastic cheers, said, “Thank you very much for coming. She opened the performance by saying, “I wanted to have a private and enjoyable time looking at each other’s faces up close, and I hope you can enjoy it comfortably.”

Ok Taecyeon started off by talking about his recent obsession with camping and drew attention for his craftsmanship fan service with ‘SpecialTY’ The Asian fan meeting tour and the behind-the-scenes story of the drama ‘Heart Beats’ garnered a warm response. She then created a bucket list of things she wanted to accomplish in 2024 and had fun communicating with her fans.

Taecyeon gave fans an unforgettable gift by performing his self-composed song ‘MBTI’ with witty lyrics live for the first time. She drew enthusiastic responses through a special service that allowed her to freely move between the audience seats and communicate closely with fans through a mission to grant her fans’ wishes.

Ok Taecyeon, who captured the hearts of the audience with his cheerful energy and exuded chemistry with his fans, showed his generous love for his fans by holding a challenge dance, a balance game, and even a surprise event where he drew seats and handed out gifts.

Taecyeon opened up the stage by performing various stages one after another, including ‘Champagne’, ‘Give you all’, ‘Toc Toc Toc’, and ‘Fireplace’ made it even hotter. She continued by writing a hand-written letter, saying, “I feel like I am receiving energy from meeting her fans.” I am always grateful and thank you for being with me. He impressed fans with his touching words, “Stay healthy until the day we meet again, and let’s meet in good shape soon.”

Ok Taecyeon, who took a group photo with fans with the concert hall in the background, transformed into Santa after the performance. She made eye contact with each of the fans as they left and handed out gifts, showing her extraordinary love for her fans by giving them unforgettable memories until the end.

Taecyeon plans to continue meeting fans through various activities this year.

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