P1Harmony unveils tracklist of first full-length album ‘Stinkal’… Participation in all songs

Photo = FNC Entertainment
Photo = FNC Entertainment

[News Reporter Hwang Hye-jin]

Boy group P1Harmony (Choi, Theo, Jiwoong, Intak, Soul, Jongseop) announced their highly complete first full-length album.

On January 22, the agency FNC Entertainment released the tracklist for their first full-length album ‘Killin’ It’, which will be released on February 5, through their official channel.

On the tracklist poster, the song names are written in typography that reflects the individuality of each song, adding to curiosity. Among them, the title song ‘Killin’ It’ is a song that stands out with a catchy synth sound in a minimal track structure, and is reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop with the addition of 808 bass and a structured rap flow. This is a song that shows off my unique style and passion and contains P1 Harmony’s confidence that no one can imitate me because I am the best.

In addition to the title song ‘Killin’ It’, ‘Late Night Calls’, ‘Everybody Clap’, ‘Love Story’, ‘Countdown To Love’, ‘Emergency’, ‘2Nite’, ‘Let Me Love You’, ‘Street Star’, and ‘I See U’, 10 songs containing the colors of P1 Harmony are included. Member Jongseop participated in writing lyrics for all songs, including the title song. Kiho, Jiwoong, and Intak also participated in composing and writing lyrics for many songs, thereby improving the quality of the song.

P1 Harmony, who announced a solid album, is attracting attention not only in Korea but also overseas. P1Harmony’s digital single ‘Fall In Love Again’, released in November last year, was on the US Mediabase’s Top 40 Radio Airplay Chart and Billboard’s Pop Airplay chart for 6 weeks each., has been on the charts for 5 consecutive weeks and is gaining popularity.

Recently, they were confirmed to be the first K-pop boy group to appear at ‘The Governors Ball Music Festival 2024′, a famous outdoor music festival in New York.

Amid this interest, P1 Harmony will make a comeback with their first full-length album ‘Killin’ It’ on February 5th. On this day, the music video for the title song ‘Killin’ It’ and the sound source of all songs from the first full-length album will be released, and the album will be released in Korea on the 7th and in the United States on the 9th.

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