Park Myung-soo and Jang Won-young’s slanderous comment on Cyber ​​Wrecka was, “A bully who bullies others to make a few bucks.” (‘Radio Show’)[Comprehensive]


[Sports Reporter Lee Woo-joo] ‘Radio Show’ Park Myung-soo was angry at Cyber ​​Wrecka.

In KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ aired on the 19th, ‘Search N Chart’ Corner hosted the event and talked about the keywords of the week.

One of the big issues of the week is Jang Won-young’s recent win against Cyber ​​Wrecka. Cyber ​​Rekka refers to a YouTuber who creates videos that are made up of online issues and increases the number of views.

Starship Entertainment announced on the 17th that Jang Won-young received a favorable ruling in the civil suit filed against YouTuber Taldeok Camp. The agency said, “The other party did not respond to the claims raised by artist Jang Won-young, so the court was ruled in favor of a false confession,” and added, “Starship operates a constant monitoring system to protect the rights of its entertainers, including their reputation, privacy, and personality.” “We plan to take all possible legal measures without agreement in the future regarding defamation of artists and additional cases of damage.”

Taldeok Camp is one of the representative cyber wrecker channels that spawned false rumors related to Jang Won-young. Accordingly, Starship Entertainment declared legal action against cyber wreckers, including Taldeok Camp, in July of last year.


Park Myung-soo was also angry about Cyber ​​Wrecka. Park Myung-soo said, “Cyber ​​Wrecka is a real scoundrel. “You must be punished,” he said. “If you bring tears of blood to the eyes of others, you will also be punished.” It is very clear what the consequences are if you make money by harassing others. “I don’t know what they’re doing when I see them harassing others just to make a few extra bucks,” he said without hesitation.

He continued, “Jang Won-young is still young and has big things ahead of her, so wouldn’t she be hurt if she spread false information? Jang Won-young said, “She is the person who introduces K-pop to the world, so she should be supported, but why is she swearing?”

Park Myung-soo also recently became a victim of fake news. Park Myung-soo said, “My mother said something strange related to me had been uploaded, so I sent a certificate of contents through a lawyer. He said, “I took down the video, but how can I do this every day?”and emphasized that this should be protected through law.

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