“Please don’t get sick”… Woods, last cone before military enlistment ‘Completely all in’ [Synthesis]


(Xports News Reporter Kim Ye-na) Singer WOODZ (Cho Seung-yeon) concluded the emotional journey of ‘Our Project’ with the last concert ‘Our Finale’ before enlisting in the military.

On the afternoon of the 19th, Woods World Tour ‘OO-LI’ was held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul. A finale concert was held.

Woods held a world tour under his name for the first time since his debut in May last year, ‘Us’, and in October, he held an encore world tour’with the added meaning of ‘and’ ;OO-LI AND’ was held. Woods, who came back after a year, appeared in ‘OO-LI”s ‘finale’ The performance marked the end of this long-term project.

Woods said, “I started at the Jangchung Gymnasium, followed by the handball stadium, and ended up at the indoor gym. Actually, I wasn’t that worried. Thanks to you all, we were able to perform successfully. “I am grateful to be able to be with many people,” he said in his first greeting.


At each performance, Woods provided satisfaction with a rich set list, including performances of hit songs as well as unreleased songs. Just like the confidence that “we have prepared a lot of stages that are worth the money,” this finale performance also included the unreleased song “Bright Light Flicker” from the beginning. He impressed us with his performance and fully expressed his diverse charms, ranging from a stage with a unique strong and rocking sound to a refreshing and bright atmosphere.

Woods said, “I have a really long set list. I will try to do it step by step. Today’s setlist is only for today. When I return from the military, I will release a new album and a new set list. Then no one will expect it. So please enjoy this special performance.” He shouted, drawing a loud response from fans.

The reason this performance is special is because it is a one-day performance held three days before his military enlistment. Woods, who will enlist in the Army on the 22nd of this month, built special memories by communicating with fans through concerts until just before his military enlistment.


If Woods’ rough and raw charm based on his unique rock sound stood out in the previous two performances, this concert was ‘Idol’ From Woods to ‘rock star’ It was time to meet a variety of woods up close.

Before shaving his head to enlist in the military, Woods bleached his hair bright yellow and looked rebellious and like a bad boy, but suddenly he had a wistful look in his eyes and tears welling up in his eyes. He smiled with wrinkles in his eyes as if he had never done that before, and even made eye contact while looking around the audience seats that filled the third floor.

Woods, who prepared the stage for nearly 30 songs including the encore stage, continued to pour out and explode as if today’s performance was his last. Although this is already the third performance under the title ‘Us’, each performance has brought a different feeling, message, and emotion.


Rather than the final feeling given by the title ‘Finale’, it is a time filled with Woods’ passionate energy and passion as he takes a breather and jumps into a new race again.

At the end of the performance, Woods said, “It’s more fun than last year.” I feel a little more relaxed after going on tour. The reason we were able to make it to the finale was thanks to the energy you all filled us with. He repeatedly expressed his gratitude by saying, “It’s all thanks to the energy.”

Just before the last encore song, Woods closed his eyes and, unable to look at his fans, left a farewell message along with his thoughts about enlisting in the military. He said, “I hope you stay healthy while you are away for a year and a half. I, too, will miss this place very much. There’s only one thing I really want. “I hope you all have a healthy and happy day,” he said.

He continued, “It’s sad that I can’t be of help. If you left me, I will come back, and if you wait, I will be with you until the end, so don’t be hurt. I want to come back in a year and a half with the same boyish appearance. I want to promise that I will come back as a person with broader thoughts and hearts. “Please don’t get sick,” he said.

Photo = EDAM Entertainment

Reporter Yena Kim hiyena07@xportsnews.com

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